NY State - BCV??


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Aug 11, 2000
Any updates at this point on the status of BCV purchases by NY'ers who are not in Fla?

I am patiently waiting here for a purchase and hate having my hands tied. I am heading down in July but will not go any sooner, no flying for me anytime soon...

Are other NY'ers as frustrated as me??
Just to add that we are as frustrated as can possibly be. Company for your misery. Judy
I was in your situation a year ago. New York approval takes a l - o - n - g time. I waited many months with my guide saying 'just a few more weeks' every time I called.

Good luck.

What I'm particularly worried about is this- we always stay Jan1 for a week; so isnt it possible that by the time we get approved and can make reservations, that week will be booked? I know DVC'ers with other home resorts cant book til what, May?. But what about all the new BVC owners? Can anyone reassure me? Am I over-thinking? Thanks, Judy
You might want to consider a long weekend at HHI and drive down to do the deed there....
At least we can hold out the infinite hope that if we make it perfectly clear that we would like to get in on this deal right now that we can still be eligible whenever NY comes into the fold...

I am not buying an Add-On at 80 bucks per point...

I don't plan on using my points til next year anyway. My only concern (besides having April use year available - which should not be a problem) is that it starts selling to NY before the point increase. We waited like everyone else and unfortunately, we need to wait a bit more. I have no plans in travelling anywhere before August.
My guide just came back from vacation today and she called me as promised. She said not to worry, they will start selling to NY soon - way before increase anyway. She said they learned from WVL. She is calling me back March 1st, unless I see something on-line before then.
We plan on adding on and fortunately we have a trip planned for March......but I would love to do it ASAP . Hate waitin around and would like use the points for a ressie in August! We will just have to be patient. I did have them send the packet to my father in Fla and he is going to send it to us......Just so we can have something in our hands to look at. ºOº
It is interesting that BCV are not yet approved for sale in New York but in my mail today I received a brochure titled "We're Pleased to Welcome Beach Club Villas to Our Neighborhood." On the back cover it clearly states that "THIS ADVERTISING MATERIAL IS BEING USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF SOLICITING SALES OF TIME SHARE PERIODS".

I read on another post that a Guide couldn't even talk to someone in New York because it wasn't approved yet. How then can they send out a soliciation? Maybe something is happening sooner than we think in New York. Or maybe this type of sales material is different in some way?:confused:
Well we've decided to go down over our spring break, using some air tickets we gained from being bumped last trip. My fantasy had been that our next trip would be made using our new points, or that free trip incentive, but I'm too anxious to get going!So odd about that brochure, as I'm the one whose guide wouldnt say a single thing about the new offer. Judy


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