Nsync Fans! Please Read and Reply!

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Earning My Ears
Jul 6, 2001
Show your love for Nsync and reply and say why you like Nsync! Or wite any Nsync stories! Because it's almost July 24!
I LOVE *NSYNC!!!!!!!!!
My cd is pre ordered and if my record store decides to open at midnite (they did this for No Strings Attached) than i will soooo be there!

I cannot wait for Celebrity!

I went to their Pop Oddyssey Tour on June 1 in Foxboro, Ma and got to hear the new music and it is amazing!!!

My favorite song from the new album is definately "Gone"!!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
OMG Me To Me To I saw them May 26 @ Hershey!! That was such a good show I also preordered Celbrity! I can't wait I am soooo ecited!! : :sunny: ::bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
grrr. i cant get the cd on the 24th. Because im on my cruise then. Ill have to wait till i get home. But maybe i can buy it on my way home in an airport shop.
I LOVE *NSYNC!!!!! I saw the 3 Time in concert!!!!!

July 23, 1999 @ Hershey Park
July 31, 2000 @ Hershey Park (No Strings Attached Tour)
May 26, 2001 @ Hersey Park (Pop Odyssey Tour)

They are sooo awesome! Hopefully I'll be able to see them again this summer when they come to Pitt!!! :bounce:

I can't wait for the new CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkbounc
I've also seen Nsync on:
March 16, 1999 (Ain't no stopping us now tour)
July 23, 2000 (No Strings Attached)
June 1, 2001 (Pop Odyssey)
i love nsync but unfortntly i have never been to a concert and i am goin to be out of town 0n the 24
OMG!!! I am IN LOVE with *NSYNC!!!! I can't wait to get their new CD- 18 more days!!!!! I've seen them in concert twice- once last month on the 13th in Philly (that was like THE best concert!) and then in March '99 in Philly too!

*//\\//SYNC IS THE BEST!!!!
um y dont u shut up!!C the thread was called NSync fans, so u didnt have to click on it. So u need to shut up!If u dont like 'em dont look on the thread. And we can all have our own opinion, we all dont have to be like you. Plus we dont make fun of you for wrestleing, thatz kinda stupid.
NSYNC rules! I went to their concert on Juen 26 at Miller Park! it was sooo great! OK, I have 2 NSYNC stories!
#1 - My mom's friend went out to lunch at the Pfister and was standing 2 feet away from Justin and JC and a bunch of body guards! I'm so jealous!
#2 - The night before NSYNC perfromed here, JC went to hooters and the other 4 went bowling! lol! funny huh!



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