November 2019 Exercise Thread - A Disney Cornucopia


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Mar 18, 2015
I have been off for the past week. Here are my final numbers

Nov 22 -- 46
Nov 23 -- 0
Nov 24 -- 0
Nov 25 -- 61
Nov 26 -- 40
Nov 27 -- 28
Nov 28 -- 0
Nov 29 -- 0
Nov 30 -- 0

Total -- 934/900


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May 4, 2006
My watch said i had 13 minutes of activity on saturday and 7 minute on sunday. Wait sunday was already december. so forget those minutes
The tie dye Mickey shirts sound cool. Where did you learn to make them?
I think I found the instructions on disboards. We also did them as a paid craft at disney hilton head resort. I can't find a picture of them.
Here is a picture of a mickey star wars head I made for my husband i have a matching one.
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I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
A last few minutes for me put my final total at 430/500.

:rainbow: Congrats to sophy1996, piglet1979, softball chick, & the team!!! :rainbow:

I'll check back again in case of any last minute entries, but I think the final total stands at 7,208/7,800 or 92%! :cheer2:


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