November 2019 Exercise Thread - A Disney Cornucopia


I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
Welcome to the November 2019 exercise challenge! This month's theme, like a cornucopia, will be a mix of stuff:
Movie Mondays (Disney movies clips and facts)
Tuesday Tips (fun hints for the parks)
Wednesday Wisdom (favorite Disney quotes)
Thankful Thursdays ("audience participation" - be forewarned)
Fashion Fridays (Disney things to wear)
and Weekend Workouts (trivia questions, quizzes, puzzles, etc.)

If you’re returning, we’re excited to have you back! If you’re new, welcome to the team! Here’s how it works:

Each person chooses a time goal, and posts minutes towards that goal as they exercise. (You can post daily or just catch up when you can.) You decide what movement counts towards your goal - which can be a nice round total for the month, a specific number that means something to you, or a calculation based on a target number of minutes per day. Since November has 30 days, here are some common conversions:
15 minutes/day = 450
20 minutes/day = 600
30 minutes/day = 900
45 minutes/day = 1350
1 hour/day = 1800

One of the special motivations of our Disney exercise challenge is color changing! Page one will be updated with individual and team color changes as we make more and more progress. I've taken this month's color names from Alice in Wonderland:

10% - Alice Blue
25% - Dinah Orange
50% - Cheshire Cat Purple
75% - Flamingo Pink
90% - Queen of Hearts Red
100% - Mock Turtle Green

We’re officially starting this challenge on November 1st, but if you don’t find this thread until later in the month, you’re still welcome to join!! Just post your goal and I’ll add you to the list. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, and to check out old threads to see what’s been going on.

Have a great month, everyone!!

Team Members:
PollyannaMom -430/500
ljcrochet - 487/500
sophy1996 - 1285/1400

piglet1979 - 934/900
BonnieF - 810/1000

Elizabeth Smith - 695/600
eminemillie - 55/600
Twilight Sparkle - 1965/1800
softball chick - 547/500

Total - 7,208/7,800 - 92%
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Mar 18, 2015
I'm also setting a 500 minute goal, and for our first "Fashion Friday," I submit my new favorite shirts:

View attachment 449321
I love these shirts. My husband and step-dad don't know it yet, I should add DD to that list too, that we are getting matching shirts for our trip next summer. It might not go over well. I am also going to try and get everyone to have an Addams family theme for the Halloween Party if we are there during it.
  • Elizabeth Smith

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    May 7, 2017
    Hello, folks. I am back! If you hadn't noticed, I was absent for September and October and I need to get back in the swing of things... badly! I have not been active at all--it just proves how much I need this group! I was in the middle of moving to Texas. Now, I am mostly settled in and ready to stop making excuses. LOL
    I'll ease back in with 600 minutes for this month. Thanks @PollyannaMom for hosting, you always do such a good job! I love the theme this month. A variety is great!


    I was a click-clack champ!!
    May 16, 2006
    Welcome back @Elizabeth Smith!

    Since our colors are from Alice in Wonderland characters this month, here's an Alice trivia quiz:

    1) What was author Lewis Carroll’s real name?
    2) What character in Alice in Wonderland did he hint was based on himself?
    3) When was Disney’s familiar Alice in Wonderland animated feature released?
    4) When was the story first made into a movie?
    .........a) 1908, b) 1925, c) 1940
    5) How many adaptations have there been (including films, TV, and sequels)?
    .........a) 14, b) between 25 and 30, c) over 50

    1) Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
    2) the Dodo
    3) 1951
    4) 1903
    5) over 50
    Click here to find the details behind most of those answers and more fun facts!


    Earning My Ears
    May 21, 2014
    Late to the party (per usual for me), and first timer here. Getting ready for our trip just before Christmas and anticipating LOTS of walking then. I should and hopefully will be doing more than this, but I’m going to set a realistic goal of 600 minutes for the month.

    Twilight Sparkle

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    May 24, 2015
    You are so creative, @PollyannaMom ! Love the mixed bag this month.

    Glad to see @piglet1979 and @Elizabeth Smith again. Welcome @eminemilie .

    @Elizabeth Smith, how are you adjusting to Texas so far?

    Only 3 rainbows for me, and I missed every question on the Alice quiz. Not off to a good start! Love the shirts and the ears.

    I'm in for 1800 this month. 90 minutes walking so far. Heading to the barn in a bit to spend time with the horses, so should have more to report later. It feels like it has been forever since I last saw our horses. I was too jet-lagged to drive yesterday but feeling better today.90/1800

    Elizabeth Smith

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    May 7, 2017
    Happy Weekend, everyone!

    To go with our physical exercise, here's today's Disney brain workout - a short but difficult quiz involving rainbows in Disney & Pixar films:

    Click Here
    I got 6 rainbows!! And I did horrible on the Alice trivia. Lol.

    @Twilight Sparkle , it has been interesting coming here. We moved b/c my husband got a job as a Pastor in a small town here. It's somewhat stressful because of this. I'm trying to look for a job myself. The church provides a parsonage, so at least we didnt have to try to find some place to live.

    Adding 80 minutes tonight from my stationary bike.



    I was a click-clack champ!!
    May 16, 2006
    :stitch:Congrats to Twilight Sparkle and Elizabeth Smith on reaching Alice Blue!! :stitch:

    Team total stands at 447 minutes and 6%.

    For Movie Monday, we have the trailer for the Disney movies currently in theaters, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” -

    Have you seen it? Are you planning on seeing it?

    Did you see the first one? Did you like it?