Non Park days


Jul 13, 2000
What is the best things to do on offdays with children. It will me (mom) and 9 year old daughter. Don't want to spend a lot of money on a tight budget.
Thanks for any suggestions.
We are going to take a day-trip up to Cape Canaveral. They have a visitor's center where you can walk and see the old Appolo rockets, capsules, the Lunar Lander, and all kinds of neat stuff.

Plus, if you get a chance, take in the IMAX presentation "The Dream is Alive".
We have 3 days planned out of 7 to spend at the pool at our resort. Plus we'll swim when we take breaks from the parks. I think my children like this almost more than being at the parks. We don't spend the money on water parks because the pool are so nice. We went to River Country once because it was part of a package, but we don't think the extra money is worth it for a family of four. Don't forget Downtown Disney, it is a lot of fun too. Especially the Lego and Disney Stores.
Id vote for playing in the pools. My kids dont tire of that
Can you fit a scooter or rollerblades in w/ your luggage? Our kids explored quite a bit w/ those.

Go visit another resort,(in the DD area) check it out(each resort is cool to look around at anyway)then take a boatride to Downtown Disney. That is more fun than a bus.

Blizzard Beach is worth it for a 9 yr old. Just grab some chairs by the pre teen area(called ski patrol training camp)Lots to do in one area.Plant yourself and mom w/ a good book etc. You can keep an eye on your daughter and she'd probably want to stay right in that area most of the day. Very relaxing!!!Also an easy way for DD to find playmates for the day. :cool:

My kids love the shops at DD - your daughter will no doubt enjoy looking around there. We enjoy going to the different Disney hotels and getting a bite to eat. The ice cream store at Beach Club, Beaches n Cream, is also a big hit. If you are staying on site, a lot of the hotels rent bikes by the 1/2 hour. That is always fun, too. There are also 2 miniature golf courses that my kids enjoy and they are not all that expensive. My favorite would be to do a character breakfast at one of the hotels - they are not too expensive, plus if you eat a late breakfast you could just eat 2 meals that day. The pool is always a fun place to hang out, too! When my son was 9, he could spend hours in the video arcades with very little $$.


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