No Buy August

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Debbie, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Debbie

    Debbie DIScovering DIS magic-missing my colours

    Jun 28, 2000
    Starting this but using Paula's words. ;)

    Welcome to No Buy August.

    For the regulars, welcome back and to the new posters and lurkers - please feel free to join in at any point.

    Purpose of this thread is to try to control your unnecessary spending - some call it the $100 habit where you go for a carton of milk and come out of the store with a trolley load of stuff you didn't really need.

    How you do this is up to you and your circumstances. Post your budget (personal or household) and any exceptions. Then your goal is to try to stick to it! Remember that you have to come here and confess. You can post daily if you need to or just as often as you'd like - some find posting daily keeps them on track.

    If you are starting out with a budget, most would agree the first step is to write down everything you buy - then critically look at what you are literally throwing away your money on.

    Feel free to jump in at any point and ask questions, we share what we are learning along the way with getting our finances into order!
  2. Debbie

    Debbie DIScovering DIS magic-missing my colours

    Jun 28, 2000
    Off to think about my budget.

    Groceries Total to date: $6283
    • food-430
    • household and pet supplies-10
    • toiletries- 26
    • junk food-70
    • pop-37
    I've decided that since this month is an anomaly, I'll just track groceries in the food, household (including pet supplies), toiletries, junk food and pop (gotta do that for DH) categories. All other $$ is going to feel like holding sand in my open fingers. :rolleyes:

    1- milk $4 + shampoo $5 + cat treats $1 + pop $5 + misc groceries $2
    2- hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, juice, dessert, bananas, fries, iced tea $25 + chips $5
    3- $0
    4- groceries including $74 + cat food $5 + laundry detergent $4
    5- groceries $13
    6- bath soap $4 + pop $13 + junk food (tortilla chips at Costco) $7 + food $33 + water softener salt $10
    7- Rona for some household stuff $10
    8- $0
    9- groceries (meat, eggs, etc) $43 + chips $2
    10- junk food time! Bulk Barn $9 + groceries $3 + 2 XL drinks at McD's $2
    11- $0 (DD bought ME an XL iced tea at McD's :banana: )
    12- Costco groceries $58
    13- Food Basics $21
    14- Get together groceries $67
    15- Groceries $30 BUT I used $30 worth of "points" so, the groceries were free. pop $3
    16- $0
    17- hamburgers/buns $9
    18- DARN! I was hoping for a 0 day. DH went grocery shopping and got: wasp spray $12, pop $12 junk food $3 and actual food $20
    19- Found "The Bread Store" $12, DH bought junk $6
    20- Toiletries $11 + cat supplies $10 + groceries $33
    21- Toiletries $5 + junk food for our trip $28 ;)
    22- $0
    23-28 $0 since we were on our trip
    29- We're back and DH is shopping: milk/fruit $9, pop $4, chips $1
    30- after Church shop: no meat this week, but "Drumsticks" mmmmm. groceries $12
    31- Ending the month with groceries $8 + junk food $7
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  4. albertamommyof4

    albertamommyof4 DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2008
    August is going to be a bigger month as i have 3 kids to buy school supplies for and there school fees. Almost done clothes shopping and so far only spent $74 last night for that so not bad .
    This month i am going to list my $0 days and see how many i have
  5. Blue.Fairy2

    Blue.Fairy2 DIS Veteran

    Mar 2, 2009
    I will try this, did not know could post $0 days that will make it easier for me.

    This is a little more difficult for me because we do not have a budget, self employed so do not have a set amount of money coming in.

    We need this because we spend way too much eating out.

  6. albertamommyof4

    albertamommyof4 DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2008
    It is tough, we are on a set budget but we do sometimes pull out the debit card lol, hopefully once the kids are in school and all the fees are paid then this will stop lol. I am going to post the 0 days as i cant seem to remember to post everyday with the spending so this will be easier as it is super busy this month
  7. twinnersmama

    twinnersmama Mouseketeer

    Oct 2, 2007
    I'm joining ! We aren't on a budget, but I am trying to make a case to go to WDW in Nov and I really need to cut every bit of extra spending ... I'll try to post my $0 days too.
  8. cjdj4

    cjdj4 Mouseketeer

    May 25, 2009
    I am going to try $0 days as much as possible, too. We have gone from having a budget to not having a budget so many times. Perhaps, I need a little discipline. Posting here might be good. Dh is planning on a new TV and entertainment center this month, but I won't count that, I guess. I already bought most of DD's back to school stuff. I am a teacher so I tend to spend money on classroom and school supplies in August, BUT I have a ton of stuff. I really don't need to buy anything. I have enough work clothes for now.

    Household Bills
    Eat out only 1 time a week
    Running Sneakers - I need a new pair desperately.

    Thanks for making this open to all:)
  9. neatokimmo

    neatokimmo DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2006
    I'm in for August. I've not been very successful budget wise since we've moved.

    We leave August 29th for Disney so it will be a shorter month for me. If I behave and cut out all the junk, we'll take the extra on the trip! :)

    I'll work out the budget now :)
  10. jmkford4

    jmkford4 Mouseketeer

    May 29, 2009
    I'm in!

    We are leaving for WDW Sept 18th, and we need spending money. PLus DD8 starts school August 25th. She needs school supplies and her $100 reg fee.


    household bills
    running shoes for me and DH
    contacts for me :(
    spending money for WDW in Sept
    School fees
    Mom's BD
  11. tinkarooni

    tinkarooni <font color=teal>Gets way too excited about saving

    Jan 22, 2006
    Hey guys! Haven't posted here on the "No Buy" in a while. I guess I have been buying, a lot. :lmao: Spring is super busy for us. We have chickens and gardens and spend a lot of money on our farm this time of year. I stock the freezer with homegrown beef and pork from a neighbor so I spend a lot now. Than we sit back and reap the rewards the rest of the year. So it's time to get back to no buy.

    Here we go. We have a trip to visit family scheduled in August. All the costs are budgeted out, kennel, gas, food etc. Staying with family: FREE. Plan to stick to budget on the trip and eat out of the garden instead of just eating out. Ha Ha.

    Also have a trip to the world happening in September, Hooray for free dining. That trip is paid for and spending cash is put aside. I have no excuses for this month.

    Good Luck everybody.
  12. paulasillars

    paulasillars Body in New Zealand, mind at Disney

    Jun 11, 2001
    Exception 1 - $36 for my World Vision sponsored child
    Exception 2 - in Australia on holiday from the 19th

    I'm in until the 18th and only reporting on my personal spending rather than household expenses which are otherwise budgeted for.

    From the 19th I'm on holiday and that is mostly paid for, the only expenses outstanding for that is 3 nights accommodation in Fremantle (going halves with Mum on that), 1 booked shore excursion to visit some ancient aboriginal sacred rock drawings and tips for dining staff/cabin attendant. I'm going to try to minimise credit card use while I'm away and I might buy the odd thing but I've been to Australia enough times to not want to buy souvenirs etc.

    I'm budgeting $100 for "misc" expenses as I'm simply can't think of anything I need to buy between now and the time of going, I might need to get a taxi to the airport if my Dad can't drop us off.

    I'm probably working the weekend before I go so that will be additional overtime pay.

    I don't plan on leaving the house again today so its the first $0 day of the month. :cool1:
  13. tinkarooni

    tinkarooni <font color=teal>Gets way too excited about saving

    Jan 22, 2006

    You always beat us to that first $0 day. :goodvibes
  14. neatokimmo

    neatokimmo DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2006
    Ok I'm ready! :)

    Groceries - 200
    Eating out - 50
    Cats - 30
    Baby Loot - 60
    Mama Loot - 40
    Gas - 60
    YardSale cash - 50
    Misc - 200

    Out of the $690 my goal is to just spend $290. I've not saved anything in 2 months and my spending this month was a little nuts. I have several small giftcards to use up this month too!
  15. princessbride6205

    princessbride6205 DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2006
    I'm new to the No Buy thread. We went too crazy in July (dining out, DD's birthday, etc), so I need to get back to our budget.
    * Photo Software - this is not a necessity of course, but photography is our main hobby and we don't take DD to get portraits done - we DIY. We've had bad luck with the free options and want something a little more professional.
    * DH and I each get $40/mo. "fun money" - can go out to lunch, buy other non-necessities, etc.
    * Dad's birthday gift (no ideas yet) - less than $50
    * Fall clothes for DD - $40
    * Organization stuff - baskets, bins, etc. (at least I have coupons!)
    I'm hoping to keep groceries and dining out much lower than usual, so that I can make up for the "other" purchases.
  16. Piecey

    Piecey <font color=darkorchid>I find myself fighting with

    Feb 16, 2005
    I wouldn't mind jumping in but i'm not sure I really meet the idea behind the thread.

    I have three paychecks left of my maternity leave... and my philosophy thus far has been to use that money to "stock up"... so I have been buying boy's clothes that I find on clearance/formula when it is on sale/diapers/etc... so I do have a bit of unnecessary spending that is really going to save us in the future.

    I think the thread would help me pinpoint the money that I downright waste though (as I admit to being addicted to Sonic's strawberry slushes!)... so can I still join in?
  17. reginaastralis

    reginaastralis DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2005
    I'm in ... I never got around to posting last month, but I tracked at home ... and all I can say is holy crap ... I'm spending more than I have before.

    My goal this month is 10 no spend days, and just to reduce spending. LOL. I am not very specific, but I have to start somewhere.

    Good luck!
  18. castleview

    castleview I'm on my 103rd attempt to grown

    Mar 4, 2004
    I so need to get in on this. Just last week I thought I would only need a few things at the store and $175 later...OUCH!
  19. Debbie

    Debbie DIScovering DIS magic-missing my colours

    Jun 28, 2000
    Patsy, that is the beauty of this thread. Everyone sets their own budgetary goals. The thread is just an accountability thing for me. Sometimes, I am right on schedule, others....whew! :rolleyes1 This is an expensive month for me, but most things have been budgeted for. :thumbsup2

    So...use the thread in any way that it HELPS you to focus yourself. And :welcome: !
  20. Goofygirl17

    Goofygirl17 DIS Veteran

    Nov 24, 2007
    I'm going to try joining in this month. We don't have a written budget but could really use one. Maybe keeping track this way will help. I'm going to try to spend $0 most days.

    Today should be a $0 day since the kids are going to a friend's house and DH and I are staying home getting things ready to sell on ebay :)

    Good luck everyone!

  21. Mrs. Bradbury

    Mrs. Bradbury It will ALWAYS be the PeopleMover!

    May 11, 2009
    I would like to try this. I'm not going to include our set household expenses, only the ones that can vary. I use the envelope system for these, paying cash, but tend to borrow from other categories when something comes up. That's what I hope to discover by doing this - perhaps my budget needs tweaking.

    My challenge this month is back to school spending for my rising 6th grader.

    Here goes:

    Groceries - $100/week/$435/month - Only buying essentials or a fantastic buy until freezer is cleaned out $22
    Grooming - $20/month $7
    Clothing - $70/month + $32 saved from previous months = $102 $56
    Misc. - $20/month + $4 saved from previous months = $24 $16
    Auto Repair - $30/month + $40 saved = $70 $70
    Home Repairs/Maintenance - $40/month + $11 saved = $51 $34
    Medical - $40/month $15
    Auto Tags - $20/month + $40 saved = $60 $60
    School Supplies - $10/month + $30 saved = $40 $-2 (will be returning a couple of things, bringing balance back to positive)

    01 - Groceries $18, Clothing $40, School $34, Home Repairs/Maintenance $17, Grooming $6, Medical $10
    02 - Groceries $21, School $8
    03 - Groceries $2 (needed almonds for a recipe, no way around it - grrrrrr)
    04 - Groceries $11, Misc $8 (Rita's Swedish Fish ices - yum!)
    05 - Groceries $89
    06 - $0 :woohoo:
    07 - $0
    08 - $0
    09 - Groceries $28, Grooming $2
    10 - $0 :woohoo:
    11 - $0
    12 - Groceries $55, Medical $15
    13 - $0 :woohoo:
    14 - $0
    15 - $0
    16 - Grooming $5, Clothing $6
    17 - $0
    18 - $0
    19 - Groceries $110
    20 - $0
    21 - $0
    22 - $0
    23 - $0
    24 - $0
    25 - $0
    26 - Groceries $79
    27 - $0
    28 - $0
    29 - $0
    30 - $0
    31 - $0

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