No Avatars so I added something to my signature...what do ya think?

Well if they keep playing the way they have this past 10 games we could be in luck
I got a trip to Montreal for Christmas! Going to see the April 13th game against the Sabres. Hopefully, they would have already clinched a playoff spot by then. Merrie was worried about the weather in January (I wanted to go to the Ottawa/San Jose games..sigh!). I'll take it anyways. Maybe it'll be nice Spring-like weather. :rolleyes:

Hey, any Montrealer's out there? I need restaurant ideas in and around the Molson Center (or what ever it'll be called by then). We'd eat before the game say around 4pm.

I also bite the bullet and ordered digital cable with NHL Center Ice yesterday. I'll be able to watch some 20 Canadiens' games before the playoffs including the upcoming Feb 9th tilt against Toronto. Can't wait!

What have all of you been smoking???You should be saying............GO LEAFS GO!!!

:D :D
LOL We have a severe problem in our house........DS loves the Habs and DH loves the Leafs!:p It gets pretty noisy in our house!:D
Well I would rather eat razor blades than root for the leafs. My favourite team is the HABS and whoever is playing the leafs hehehe. I HATE THE LEAFS as only a true habs fan can say this. Forget the provinces when it comes to hockey I am a true fan of the Blu Blanc & Rouge HABS fan forever

You can't see say the "Leafs" word in our house. We went to a game around Thanksgiving and ate at the Keg in Old Montreal. It wasn't very far away and good. I used priceline and got the Sheraton right across the street from Molson centre. When you used the hot tub on the 6th floor you were staring at the molson centre sign, my DH was in heaven. Have a great time.


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