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Earning My Ears
Jan 4, 2001
Where can i find the nick production schedule for July. The kids want to see Slimetime live.
And what about the schedule for June 28-29? That's when we're going and my kids want to see Slimetime Live, too! Thanks!

I don't know the scheduals but if it is being taped those weeks it will be from 4:00-6:30 if I remember corectly. The line up for tickets starts when the park opens and usually form what I have heard there are enought people in line by 11 to get all the tickets.the tickets are given out a 2. No children under 5 (? or 4) are allowed in and anyone wearing hats or shirts with brand names will be asked to remove it, cover it or wear it inside out or backwards, or cover it with tape. Tickets will be given out only to those in line. We did not even try to get in becasue of all the rules but found out that you cqan get a great view of the taping and even get on air (as we did) by standing along the gate around the taping area.

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Did you mean that the tickets aren't given out untill 2pm, but people get in line when the park opens?

I'm sure I misunderstood, because who would just spend their whole day standing in line to get a ticket...please clarify...cause' my kids are really hoping they can see a taping..

My 5 year old has been asking to be on that show over and over again for a year or so...he's convinced he will be some day..


CindyZ in CT, and Mom of 3!
Cindy, we went last September to see Slime Time Live. Things may have changed since then, so you may want to call Universal. In the morning, we went to the customer service window at Universal. We were told that no more tix were left, however,we could go to Nickelodeon Studios before the show taping and see if they had openings. Ds and dh got into the standby line and sure enough there were openings. Ds got picked to sit right down front.He had to take off his shoes so they didn't get slime on them. It made his whole trip. He loved it! However, we were there in September, right after school started so there weren't a whole lot of kids there.
yes from what I understand there are people that wait in line from opening until 2 when the tickets are given out.

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Do they offer FOTL access for Slime Time Live? We are hoping for a June 25-30 trip, but we cannot afford rack rates at Portofino or Hard Rock. Any suggestions?
We just returned from USF and Slime Time Live.
On Wednesday, 4/12 we walked by the line for slime time tickets at around 11:00 and there were only 5-10 people in line. We went on the nick studios tour hoping I could convince my daughter that was enough(no Luck). When we got out of that show at about 11:30 the roped off area where people line up for tickets was 3/4 full. We got in line and waited for tickets. People sit on the ground and wait. We met lots of people. Everyone takes turns going to get drinks ect. They told us that tickets would be given out at 2:00pm and the rule was 1 ticket per person in line. (NO FOTL HERE) There was an age requirement, but I'm sure a 6 yr old next to me in line got in. At about 1:30 they started asking for kids ages 9-12 who wanted to be contestants to line up on the curb opposite the line shoulder to shoulder. Parents stayed in ticket line to secure their spot. They auditioned kids (they said they were looking for loud energetic kids)by first having them yell their name,as a woman walked by. She had the kids she liked step forward and gave them a slip of paper. They excused the others and repeated the process 3 or 4 more times having the kids yell slime time, cheer,ect. In the end they picked 9 kids for the day. The surprising thing was my daughter was among them. It was now 2:00 and we were given papers to fill out and tild to return at 2:45.(I know the did much the same for the older kids after this.)
We quickly returned to the Hard Rock Hotel and called my parents at home to tape the program.(nick does not have tapes available)
We returned at 2:45 and went inside with the kids. They asked them questions about favorite food, shows interests ect. and took their pictures for the nick website. Then they gave them all clothes to change into.(even underwear in case they get slimed) We had to go sit in the audience at 3:00 but they brought the kids out in groups and kept the others in a tent in the shade until it was their turn. My daughter was in the second group. She did not get picked to be in the slime chair. After their segment is over,the go change back into their own clothes. They do not get to keep the Slime Time shirts. They were given a nick paddle w/ball attached, and a nick magazine. The kids that get in the chair but do not get slimed get a shirt. The kids who get slimed get a scooter that is delivered to them in 2-3 months.
By the time we were allowed to leave the audience it was about 5:00pm. We went and bought our slime time shirts and returned to the hotel.
Was it worth it? Both my daughter 10 and my 7 yr old son who got to sit in the front row and was on TV almost as much as his sister would yes.
I think it was and experience they will never forget, but I could have enjoyed my last day of vacation much more in other ways.
We were there this past week (Easter week )and it was not necessary to get there that early to get tickets. We got there at about 1:30 and were able to get some for the 4:40 seating. We went and stood along the fence to watch the earlier seating. After everyone with the 4:00 tickets got in, they needed more kids and asked all the grownups to move away from the fence and then just moved all the kids who were along the fence into the seats for the taping. My DD got to go in for this taping even without a ticket!


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