Nick and Universal form strategic alliance

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Dec 3, 1999
Finally, this has been the news I've been waiting for! Both the two have aggreed to form an alliance today. In the press release, they said that Universal will build another Nick-based attraction starting early as next year. They already will be opening a special play area in Hollywood this year. Whatever it is, I hope its good, 'cause the studio tour is boring. Its just a simple promotional tool for their properties.

They have so many characters at their disposal, they could use them on that attraction. I pray that its a Rugrats attraction! They could build a dark ride in the likes of Cat in the Hat so everyone can enjoy it! I was thinking about the possiblity of building another attraction near Nick Studios. There is this big patch of grass between near the Hard Rock Cafe, so they certainly have space for it. I never really liked USF since for the most part, many of their rides are so outdated (Back to the Future anyone). Of course, there are some exceptions (MIB, T2, etc).

Please Nick and Universal, bring us something good!



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At another park, they have something where you can ride and dump water on people. That sounds like fun! :)

I've never seen BTTF as outdated, but this is not an outdated debate. :)


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Quentin, I'm sure my son would agree with you on the "RugRats" connection.... :rolleyes:

There are loads of things they can work out, should be great, no matter what it is.

And I think BTTF is a bit outdated, too, BH, sorry, especially since I rode Spiderman, first! :D


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hey does anyone know if this is the attraction earl was talking about that was coming in 2002????
???????? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
We can ask Earl about future Universal plans, but remember what Dave Mason (of Universal Creative) said when he was asked the same question:

"I could tell you about Universal's future plans, but then I'd have to kill you."



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Maybe I am assuming a little too much about it's possible demise but consider these rumors & observations.
1) Rumor-the licensing for the ride will not be renewed and Hanna Barbera will silently be exiting Universal. Say goodbye to Yogi, BooBoo, George Jetson et al soon before they sneak away as a result of this end of this relationship.
2) If any ride technology or film is showing age in Universal it is this one. The preshow is grainy and out of sync and the ride film is showing it's age.
3) Proximity to NickZone. The building is right next to the Nick Studios and with a little modification(pure speculation) they could create or expand the NickZone with access from the back side(not on the main street). It would take a little(lot) work to do so, but would create a new area like Woody's Fun Zone.
Rumors are that Nick will not be doing much production at Universal anymore. Not only did they let go of the production people, but some of the people they need to run day to day. Word is more production will be done in New York--home of Nickelodeon.

The Nick people have an option to use the sound stages at Universal, but not an exclusive contract like in the past.

My guess is that this attraction is covering up the loss of the Nick tour. After all, if you don't have any production, you don't have a tour.

The great news is that the Nick characters will now be exclusive to Universal theme parks. That is strange because Viacom owns several theme parks themeselves (unless recently sold) where Nick characters had been spotted.
so does that mean that they may get rid of the nick sound stages at universal studios that are taking up all the room there? and only keep the tour building and put something else there.

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!!
:D :D


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