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Oct 15, 1999
I was in the Book Depot in St Catharines today and they have a huge selection of Disney books in stock. I guess the Disney stores no longer carry books. I got Birnbaums 2001(with coupons still good till Dec 31) for $2.00, Birnbaums for kids 2001, $1.00, Disneys sing along book, $1.00, Cooking with Mickey(restaurant recipes from WDW) for $2.00, This huge book on Disney Imagineers regular $68.00 for $10.00. There were so many others like the art of the Lion King etc., but I couldn't get it all. Hope this helps someone. :) :)
Thanks for posting this,Maryann.The plan today was to go to St.Catherines and check on shorts for our soccer team(just cant find enough of the same ones here)I am glad that I read this post before going.Although i had no idea where the Book Depot was,we happened upon it going up to the Walmart on Welland Ave.At first I didnt see the $2 Birnbaum book so I picked up the $6.99 one(still a good deal)When we went to go pay that was when I found the $2 one.It only had a slight crease in the corner and they considered it damaged.I figured since I saved so much I could splurge the $2 on the cookbook.The other books were equally great but not enough room here for me to store it.Just may have to go back there.Thanks for giving me a great place to shop at when I am down that way :D
Wow, I'm jealous! Those prices sound amazing!


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I'm not going back to WDW for 2 or 3 years, but I bought Birnbaums 2001 as well as Birnbaums for Adults, plus Mickey's Cookbook, Walt Disney's Biography, A Day at Disney, and Disney's songbook. The book I really wanted was a beautiful Disney coffee table book that was $90.00 (originally $200). I restrained myself from buying that one, though!

Nancy, they did have a great coffee table book at the counter that sold for $25.00. I'm glad a few people have been able to take advantage of this great sale. I love a bargain!
Thanks for the tip. Book Depot is a great place. I was wondering how many other Niagara People are on DIS. Maybe a Niagara DIS mtg? What are your thoughts? :)

Michelle in Toronto
I know that between Hamilton and Niagara there are a number of Dis'ers including Cathy Canada. We do have a Planet Hollywood open and in the early summer there will be a Rainforest Cafe opening on Clifton Hill. Perhaps we can arrange a meeting, if anyone is interested. Maybe we could start a new post. Something to think about. Are you in Toronto or Niagra?

Yes and there is also an Outback steakhouse in Niagara Falls now....

I am in Niagara Falls at least once or twice a month, so a meet in the Falls would be so much easier for me to go to. :D

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Okay, the Toronto one is set for this weekend, now it's time to think about one in Niagara this summer. It would give all of us out of towners an extra reason to get there.

I agree with Baboo. We love Niagara-on-the-Lake and area. A summer DIS picnic would be a great idea.
Sorry for the long response time maryann4086, I am in Niagara. We were in Toronto and just recently moved back to St.Catharines, hence the name with Toronto on the end, I guess I should change it. I am still commuting to TO daily so don't get to spend as much time on the boards. Love being back in the "Penninsula".I think a summer meet at any of the spots would be great. I see the Toronto one is Sunday. I like the idea of Planet Hollywood.
Is anyone bringing the kids to the Hershey Egg hunt in the falls next Saturday? I hear you have to register

Michelle in Toronto
Glad to have you back in the area. DO you have any kids? Mine are in Sheridan Park and Meadowvale. Small world. I was born in TO, moved to ST Kitts in 1981.
I'm here and am up for a Niagara DIS meet since I had to miss the one today!

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