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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by edbull, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Just cleared ROFR - and in 6 weeks will we own the following: 60 points at VB and 50 Points at OKW.

    Our use year in August.

    The previous owner had used 16 points already in 08 at VB. okw has all of its points available.

    Ok so heres the ?(s)
    (this assumes availability)
    upon receiving the points in the system, we would like to take a trip in June to VB. Looking to take a Sat to Wed type trip in an OvINN - so 65 points

    ok, so am I right that I have 44 points available for use between now and July 31 and would have to borrow 21 points from next year. Is that right? Do you just tell the person on the other end of the phone what you need and they take care of it? Or because both contracts are the same month, that disney will look like we have 94 total points for this year?

    Also when do I have to bank things by?

    Finally we would like to take a trip to see the mouse in Jan '10. Assuming we take our trip in June as planned, how many points will I have available to use, assuming I use everything that is left and borrow my 10 points? We will not be taking another trip in the dvc system in '10.

    Im sure I am getting a book that will explain all of this, but I am just not visualizing what I have to use.


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    Dec 13, 2001
    August 2008 UY points available from Aug 1 2008 - July 31 2009.

    Banking deadline for August UY is March 31 ( last day of 8th month of UY).

    If you bank 2008 OKW points by March 31 2009 they are available to use
    from Aug 1 2009 - July 31 2010.

    Once banked ( or borrowed ) points cannot be returned back to the Use Year they were initially from; banking and borrowing are final transactions.

    When you call for VB reservation be clear that MS is borrowing 21 points from

    your VB contract's 2009 UY allotment and that you do not wish to take

    those 21 points from OKW contract as it is possible to combine OKW points

    with VB points for June resi because at 7 months or less to check-in date

    all points become ' equal ' & may be used to book at any DVC resort; prior

    to 7 months points retain their Home Resort status and may only be used

    to book at the DVC resort they are tied to.

    February 2009 begins 11 month window for January 2010 so for example if you want to utilize your OKW points to book at trip for OKW for let's say beginning on Jan 3 2010 you'd call MS on Feb 3 2009 and your OKW points from 2008 UY allotment are available for that reservation AND
    OKW points from 2009 UY allotment are available for that reservation
    AND if you needed OKW points from your 2010 UY allotment to complete the reservation MS will allow you to borrow those into 2009 UY which is when January 2010 reservation would happen - points are permitted to be borrowed into preceding UY to cover a reservation occurring during that UY.
    ( note: your VB points cannot be used to book at WDW until 7 month
    window opens which would be June xx 2009 so you'd only be
    able to book the number of nights at OKW that your OKW points
    can cover prior to 7 months before check-in date )

    Also you do not need to wait until Aug 2009 to make a reservation with Aug 2009 points or in order to borrow Aug 2010 points - this is a common mistake made when planning a reservation that will use upcoming UY allotments of points; reservations may always be made beginning at 11 month window for your Home Resort(s) or beginning at 7 month window at non-home resort and MS will see that you've either got banked points or current UY points or points that can be borrowed into the UY when resi falls ~any or all of these mentioned~ that will be available to cover what you want to book.

    CONGRATS on your contracts !!

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