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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Tony Toon, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Tony Toon

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    Mar 30, 2004

    As suggested here, I re-registered in order to get a new username - with great difficulty and still don't really know how the opportunity to do so arose - by using my son's email address as it wouldn't allow me to use my own. Initially my new name was credited as I logged on, but now I am back as TT and whatever I try I can't log off, which is the problem I had when I first tried to re-register. It just wouldn't allow me to log off so that I wasn't given the opportunity to register in a new name. I'm trapped in my old identity - help! :badpc:
  2. Caskbill

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    Nov 19, 2000
    Try clearing all your cookies, that should do it. The cookies are automatically logging you back on.

    When you log off it should ask to clear cookies, say yes. It might not ask, or even if you do clear cookies, it still may not work. In that case you'll have to clear all your I.E. cookies. (Tools, Options, Delete Cookies). It's a good idea to delete cookies periodically anyway, but keep in mind this will delete cookies for other sites which also may have automatic log-on's, or personal settings, which you will have to reset when you go back to those sites.

    P.S. The DIS only allows one e-mail address. If you want to use your own e-mail address for your new username, do this:
    1. Log on under your old Username
    2. Edit Profile
    3. Change your e-mail address, (just use something fake)
    4. save, and log off
    5. delete cookies
    6. log on using the new username
    7. edit profile
    8. change the e-mail address to the correct one
  3. swingathekilt

    swingathekilt Earning My Ears

    Jun 29, 2005
    Thanks Caskbill - got everything working now. :)

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