New TSA issues with insulated beverage cups

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    FYI for those of you planning to bring cups to use at the beverage station:

    The holiday travel season is in full swing at this point as millions board flights to head out to see loved ones over the Christmas season. However, the TSA is still trying to keep the flights clear as the fight against terrorism continues to this day. Today the TSA announced that the insulated beverage cups that are so popular for flyers right now will undergo further tests before being allowed on the planes.

    A study shows that enough explosives to take down a plane could be packed into a small insulated beverage cup. This has prompted the new security measures that will ensure that every cup is completely inspected before it is allowed on board any flight from the US.

    This is a new point, along with the pat downs, that will certainly anger the passengers as they are moving through the security lines. However, TSA officials have said that it is a vital step towards thwarting the efforts of terrorists who may attempt to take down an airplane with a small amount of explosive material in a cup.

    Thus far there have been no problems with security for the holiday season. It would appear that the passengers are starting to get used to the idea of the pat downs and full body scans that have become the norm for the TSA stations.

    The TSA has said that they will review their policies after the holidays to determine if any changes can be made to speed things up.
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    Well, this is insulated cups only...and you can place them in your checked luggage.
    Thanks for the info.

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