New to DL, Help with hotel and shuttle


Earning My Ears
Oct 11, 1999
I found out this week that my job is sending me to Anaheim in March for 1/2 week. I'm staying the rest of the week as vacation. My dilema...husband will be vacationing all week. So he wants to stay close to the parks, but i will be going to the Anaheim Convention Center for three days. Is there a hotel by the parks that offers a shuttle to the Convention Center? Thanks.
The Convention Center is across the street from Disneyland. It could hardley be anymore conveinient. The New Anabellas Hotel is next to the convention center and has a shuttle to the park and is walkable. It is not huge highrise but a sereies of two and three storie buildings. It opened last March.
I am wanting to know if there is a shuttle to the Convention Center from the DL hotels. My husband will go to the parks until i am finished for the day.
Many hotels have a shuttle to the convention center, many many hotels right at the convention center have a shuttle to Disneyland. :) :) :) You could even walk if you want to, it is practically across the street... a bit of a hike, but doable. It is up to you, what kind of place, how much you want to pay, whether you want to be able to walk right to the gate or take a shuttle, will you have kids... a huge variety of options!
I have heard such good things about the Annabella, and it is right in between the parks and convention center... that might be a good choice. I honestly think that almost all the hotels in the area have a shuttle to both the convention center and Disneyland... most of them share the same shuttle service.
do you have a link to the Annabella? Or is it with a particular chain? Thanks


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