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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ColoradoErin, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. ColoradoErin

    ColoradoErin Earning My Ears

    Aug 12, 2013
    Hello! We are former RCCL cruisers and really want to check out Disney! We are trying to decide between a 4 night on the "new" Magic or a 5 night Western on Wonder. Both sail Jan 2014. I am leaning towards the 5 night to get the extra day and prolong our vacation just a tad, but DH is really excited about the new features being added to Magic, notably the new kids club and pool features for our DD who is 5. I know no one has been on the "new" Magic yet, but what does everyone recommend for our first taste of Disney?

    A little background: I am 31, DH is 34, DD is 5 and we are also sailing with our parents who are in their 60's, this will be their 2nd cruise.

    How is Wonder holding up? Will our DD miss the new bells and whistles or is the current kids area on Wonder still great? The ports also are more appealing on Wonder, but we will miss Castaway Cay which is a bummer.

    Any guidance is much appreciated! I am excited to become part of this community! :)

  2. Justacruiser

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    Aug 29, 2011
    How about the 5-day on the Wonder 1/19/2014. You get CC and 2 sea days!
  3. TwinPrincessMermaids

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    Apr 17, 2013
    We decided we HAD to try the new Magic!

    We also HATE to cruise out of Miami. Its so inconvenient and we all loved how easy and fresh and nice Port Canaveral was.

    We also enjoy Nassau (because we go to the Blue Lagoon or snorkel) and we didn't want 2 days at Castaway (if you can believe that, we all CHOSE to go to Nassau!)

    Since we had done a 3 day Dream and were amazed, we KNEW we would love a 4 day on the new Magic. It also was the only way to get BIL on board. He's not crazy about cruising but its only 4 day, how bad can it be? (he didn't care for 7 days on Carnival so we are hoping he likes DCL! He may not ever give it another shot if it doesn't like it! :scared1: )

    For us, it all added up to perfect. New ship, new activities (Irish pub!), Port Canaveral, and tack on some days at WDW (that are going to be fun and relaxed, not crazy 4 parks in a day like they have been the last two days!) and so our 3-4 Disney Days Plus 4 Day Magic is going to be PERFECTION!

    That's how we decided! Especially if you are used to RCI's fancy big new boats, you may want to pick one of the newer ones for the upgraded technology (which the Magic will have!)

    Just a thought, but any DC will be a great one!

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