*New Guidelines Pre-trip and Dining Reviews*PLEASE READ IF YOUR REVIEW IS IN PROGRESS

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    First the mods would like to thank everyone for the reviews. We love to read them and share in everyone's trip.

    Dining Review Guidelines

    • Pre-trip dining plan threads will be closed when the actual trip begins
    • Dining reviews have a shelf life of 3 months, once you begin your review. So if you go in January, you beging your dining review in March, please complete it by June.
    • Reviews only, any questions should be posted on the main Food Boards

    For any reviews currently in progress, if they have been going less than 3 months, great! Keep going and can't wait to read the end.

    More than 3 months - let's wrap it up folks!:teacher:

    Thank you everyone and again, thank you for sharing your trips and food porn with us all :woohoo:
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