New CM Products for September!

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by Franne, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. Franne

    Franne DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2003
    I just got home from my upline's house and boy do they have GREAT stuff coming out in Sept!
    Something everyone on here has been having a problem with, how to attach vellum? I know nothing I tried worked well, but CM is coming out with clear photo splits just for that, plus new vellum papers!
    They also have a star punch, and a new corner cutter, it's like a scallop. Then they have a whole new Power Sort system, it's really cool. Umm let me think, what else did I see? Oh yes, gold and silver metallic papers, the new tribute album, new silver and gold letters, stickers and more. I can't remember it all. I wish I went to showcase so I could have it all now!
  2. WendyZ

    WendyZ <font color=deeppink>Always wants to be on vacatio

    Sep 14, 1999
    WOW!!! Thanks for the update. I was worried when my CM told me they were getting rid of the photo splits. Glad to hear they are replacing them with clear ones. I love those things!:D

    Can't wait to see all the new stuff!!::yes::
    Thanks again...
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  4. Alice28

    Alice28 DIS Veteran<br><font color=blue>I'm Doombah Fricki

    Jun 6, 2002
    Cool! Thanks for sharing. I knew the next punch would be a star shape, just knew it. And the clear photo splits sound perfect! Can't wait to see the vellum too. :D
  5. JulianneP

    JulianneP DIS Veteran

    May 20, 2003
    Love Love Love the new laser ABC stickers! Good thing my bday is at the end of the month. You should see my list!
  6. Franne

    Franne DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2003
    Here are the details:

    LIMITED EDITION TIME FOR TRIUMPH 12 x 12 ALBUM: The exclusive, irridescent, patina leatherette cover has a timeless double square border in silver matte foil and is a perfect choice for many types of albums. Similar to past years, Creative Memories will donate $2 to the Alzheimer's Association for each album sold. Available through Dec 2004, $38

    ****POWER SORT BOX: This system is perfect for dark storage, which prevents images from fading. It's a photo safe, polypropylene box with a detachable cover and base that safely organizes up to 2,400 5x7 photos. It also comes with 12 compartments, 12 removable dividers and an instruction booklet. The pocket inside the cover can hold notes and memorabilia. $35

    ****POWER SORT MINI BOX: Like the power sort box, this mini is a safe and easy way to transport photos to a workshop with photo-safe polypropylene plastic that can be used to store negatives, photos, photo CDs and index prints. It has space for up to 600 photos and three removable compartments and six dividers that are interchangeable with those in the Power Sort Box. It takes the place of the former Neg-Care Box. $11

    NEG CARE SLEEVES AND ENVELOPES: New and imporved, to be compatible with today's technology. They are now designed to hold an index print with the negatives. And they can hold CDs full of digital images. The top leading envelopes also have lines for labeling which leads to easy identification. Sleeves: $2.70/6pk Envelopes: $8/12 pack

    ELEGANT LETTER LASER STICKERS: These new, intricately laster-cut stickers help page titles or journaling make a grand, dramatic entrance. The subtle taupe color allows them to magically coordinate with almost any other color. Each letter square measures 1 x 1 inch, makeing them a perfect fit for paper squares cut with the Square Maker or illustrated sticker squares. The set includes five block sticker sheets with 12 letters per block. $6.75

    PRECIOUS ELEMENT PRINTED VELLUM PHOTO MOUNTING PAPER PACK: The pack includes two 10 x 12 sheets of each of copper, patina, and gold printed vellum. The vellum papers beautifully complement Creative Memories' line of Metallic Precious Element Pens, metallic papers, the new Classy ABC/123 Sickers and the Triumph album. $6

    CLEAR PHOTO SPLITS: I've been waiting patiently...and I know you have too! They are finally here!!!! The new Clear Photo Splits are a new speciality, photo-safe permanent adhesive that meet the Creative Memories strict standards for excellence. They are applied the same as our current photo splits, but are specially sdesigned to be clear, so they can be used with VELLUM paper (as well as paper, photos, and photo mounting sleeves) and won't show through on the white or natural pages. $5.75-400/box

    SCALLOP CORNER CUTTER: Looking for a new way to make the cut? This handy, sturdy tool provides consistent, stylish corner accents to photographs, paper squares, Short Cuts strips and journaling boxes too. Use it for heritage, baby, wedding, and formal layouts. $9

    STAR MAKER AND MINI STAR MAKER:Twinkle, Twinkle big and little stars! Like the other favorites in the Shape Maker Collection, these speed tools cut stars in two different sizes. Large cuts stars in 1 1/2 and 1 1/4 inch sizes and mini cuts stars in 1 and 3/4 inch sizes.
    Star Maker $20 Mini Star Maker $16

    METALLIC PHOTO MOUNTING PAPER PACK: Silver and Gold. The shimmer of metallic colors create a hint of drama in layouts. Includes 3 sheets of each, matte finish. $6

    CLASSY ABC/123 STICKERS IN GOLDNUGGET AND PLATINUM: The big finale in the revamping of our ABC/123 Stickers. The matte finish of these metallic colors gives them an understated gleam. $4.25 Classy ABC/123 Mini Classy $2.25

    FALL PAGE PATTERNS: Harvest a new crop of page layout ideas! 80 new layouts featuring some of the great new products! $5.50

    NEW MEMORY KEEPERS CLUB GIFT: The new Memory Keepers Club Fancy Square Maker is a great new way for you to celebrate! It creates 1 1/8 inch and 7/8 inch decorative squares to make frames and build borders and title designs. These new sizes are between our current Shape Maker sizes. That makes them perfect for coordinating with any Shape Maker size-the regular or mini. This fancy square Maker replaces the current Mini Square Maker. Remember, just fill up your Memory Keepers Club card and you can earn this fabulous new gift for FREE!
  7. erikalk

    erikalk Tiggerific Mom

    Mar 2, 2004
    Thanks for the info. My friend is starting as a CM in September, so all this new stuff I want to buy will help her meet her 30/60/90 objectives, and I can earn points and get the new Memory Keepers item. Can't wait for the new adhesive too.

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