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Discussion in 'The College Board' started by GaFireflyGal, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Jul 5, 2018
    Hi! I am a single mom who is bringing my seven and nine year old girls to Orlando for a Disney and Universal trip. Both my girls can swim but I know the younger one will not be tall enough or scared on certain rides and I don't feel like my nine year old could handle lines on her own nor do I feel comfortable leaving them alone in a waterpark while I take the other one anywhere. I would like to hire a mother's helper who has a season pass to Universal and Disney to come with me to Volcano Bay one day and Animal Kingdom another. I know there are professional services but they require that I buy a ticket for a mother's helper and that just puts it way way out of my budget. Is anyone available?
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    I'm not sure this is the best place to look for someone. The vast majority of college program kids aren't able to have second jobs. They have to be able to work whenever Disney needs them. They don't have much free time.
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