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Dec 1, 2020
Ok just hear me out. I only get to WDW every few years so I will squeeze in a day at WDW any chance I get if I happen to be in the area. My mom, sister, SIL and I are going on a cruise in January. I'll be flying into MCO in the morning (not sure of time yet). The others won't be flying in until evening. We're staying at the Hyatt MCO before the cruise and flying back immediately after. There's no chance to tack on an extra day at WDW post cruise for me.

Since I'll be getting in hours earlier than everyone else - would you uber over to WDW for the day then back that evening? I'm thinking of just hanging out at Disney Springs or maybe one of my favorite resorts. I love the Wilderness Lodge and AKL. I hate the thought of being so close and just sitting in the airport. I could go into a park for the day but I feel like I'd be happy just touring around. I'm assuming I can check into the Hyatt in the morning and leave my bags there??

I guess I'm trying to justify it and want someone to tell me it's a great plan!
Yes I think it's a fantastic plan! We had several iterations of our first cruise canceled due to covid, but one version had us staying at a Disney property the night before and spending the day at Disney Springs or the pool or something. I don't think I'd want to do a park because I wouldn't feel like I'm getting my money's worth (and one day tickets are crazy expensive), but if you have the time anyway, why not get into that Disney spirit a little early?

And I haven't stayed at that particular Hyatt, but I have stayed at many Hyatts and they have always accepted bags early.
We did the reverse one day. Had a late flight out and so went to Disney Springs for a few hours after we left port before we went to the airport. I recommend, especially in January (we did it in July and it was HOT).

I agree - go to DS and shop/eat; take bus from DS to a Skyliner or monorail resort and visit other resorts along the line; make an ADR at WL or AKL and Uber straight there (parking guard may not let an Uber/Lyft in to a resort without an ADR). No sense wasting time at MCO when WDW is so close!
We did the reverse one day. Had a late flight out and so went to Disney Springs for a few hours after we left port before we went to the airport. I recommend, especially in January (we did it in July and it was HOT).
We did this too!

Just one recommendation: if u are going to visit a park, don’t buy tickets until day of. That way you won’t be out of pocket the ticket costs if your flight is delayed.

AK is our favorite park for a half day. Easy to do a lot in just a few hours
I think it would be stupid not to go!! Just one recommendation: pick up for ride share services at Disney Springs can be quite chaotic, so I would rather get picked up to go back to airport at a resort.
We’ve done Disney Springs and resort hoping a few times after stepping off the plane around 10AM and dropping our bags at the Hyatt. We like to finish the evening on the bridge between BLT and CR to watch the MK fireworks, or on the beach at PR, before taking a cab back.
We did this in January. We were staying with (and cruising with) friends from Tampa. So we left the ship early and stopped at Disney Springs on our way back. Had a snack/breakfast at Starbucks, lunch at Wine Bar George, wandered around, shopped a bit. It felt really good to be "Disney Adjacent" as we called it. We hadn't been to Disney in three years after going 6 times in 14 months (last time in Feb 2020) so it helped to give us our Disney fix until we were able to go just last month to the parks.
I think it's a great plan. Depending on the exact time, I'd even consider buying a ticket for the day. It would be the perfect opportunity for an after hours party too.
I think Disney Springs and going to the resorts makes the most sense. If you have flight delays or traffic or some other unexpected snag that causes a delay, you do not feel pressure to go the park or stressed that you are missing out on what could have been park time. Soaking in Disney atmosphere at Disney Springs or the resorts sounds like a great way to get in the Disney mood and an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon while you wait for the rest of your travel party to arrive.
The only reason to NOT go to WDW for the day is the cost of one day park tickets...but you aren't doing that. So the cost is the ride, which seems fairly reasonable. Do whatcha want!
Great idea!!! We have done the same thing. I am very happy just resort hopping and or DS.



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