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    Okay, I got that I cannot book them until 90 days before my trip so I have plenty of time.......however........I don't know anything about them. I don't know which places are good, which aren't so good. I wanted to do Cinderella's Royal Table which the agent I spoke to said that has to be prepaid and can be booked 180 days along with Chef Mickey's. Other than that, I don't know where to turn. I don't even know where the list of all the choices are......please help :confused3
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    Dec 28, 1999
    Its okey........we are all here to help you find the right places to go and eat.

    here is the site for dining.

    It will always depend on who is going and what types of food you like and the types of restaurants and counter services you want....

    So lets start with those questions and take a look at all the restaurants in that link in the parks and also in the resorts......

    this is the most fun is planning and thinking over each part of your trip....
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    I think I read that CRT is going to 90 day bookings after mid-June. If you are not on the dining plan, you need to pre-pay. If you are on dining plan, you need to "hold" your reservation w/a cc and it will only be charged if you are a no-show.

    I like to choose a restaurant that we are interested in and is in or very, very near the park where we will be. I don't want to get a migraine figuring out transportation all over WDW and be a slave to a reservation.

    We have really enjoyed Crystal Palace in MK for breakfast. Great food that is hot and frequently replenished and good character interaction and service also.

    We have also done Chef Mickey's for is really busy and crowded in there and feels very hectic. The character interaction is very good, but it is just too busy to try to eat.

    Some other restaurants we have enjoyed:

    * the Askershus Princess breakfast - Norway, Epcot
    * Cape May dinner buffet - Beach Club Resort
    * Biergarten - Germany, Epcot
    * Fultons Crab House - Down Town Disney
    * we have virtually boycotted Rainforest Cafe due to their ridiculous wait times....can be up to 2 hours!!!! Shouldn't need a meal to sustain you while you wait for a meal!!

    When we book breakfasts, we try to book a late/latest seating and let it serve as brunch. This way we can still get some am touring in.

    We were disappointed by San Angel Inn and Garden Grill in Epcot.

    Read up on the dining reviews to see what may interest your family.

    Le Cellier (Epcot Canada) gets rave reviews as well as Coral Reef (Epcot) in the aquarium. Character meals are especially fun for children and are a great way to collect some autographs.
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    847 about Cinderellas Royal Table as well as Chef Mickeys............they along with the rest of the Table Services can not be booked before 90days out unless staying on property, then they can be booked 90+10 days out from the date of your trip. Are you on the Disney Dinning plan? If not I do suggest that you reconsider. Cinderellas Royal Table for Breakfast is my favorite. We go every time we go to Disney. You do have to provide a credit card at time of making the reservation but it is not charged if you have the Disney Dinning Plan. We did Chef Mickeys as well and for me it was the atmosphere that made it worth it. We really enjoyed 1900 Park Fare which is in the GF for dinner. There you will find Cinderella, The Prince, The Step Sisters and the Step Mother. People seem to really enjoy Crystal Place and we did go there but it was just alright for me(I was freezing so that might have been the problem). Kona was good and people rave about the Tonga Toast. That is in the Poly. People seem to really like Boma but I have never been. Biergarden in Epcot is a lot of fun.
    Le Cellier is a huge hit on this board but tuff to get. You can check out They have all the menus on the site. Most of the ones that require a reservation you will see breakfast and dinner menus. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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