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Jan 3, 2003
Hi. I'm planning to surprise my boyfriend for his 40th with a trip to Disney. He's never been! I've decided to stay at the Port Orleans Riverside (mansion side with a water view). Any recomendations for which building I should try to request that is extra romantic? Thanks!
Hi there harmonize4me. Welcome to the DIS, I'm really glad you found us. I don't know much about Port Orleans Riverside but I'm sure some of our veterans will have some advice for you.

I'm glad you joined us harmonize4me, I hope you can visit often.

I'd suggest a room in the Alligator Bayou area of the resort. For a few extra dollars per night, you can guarantee a King Bed room.

Try requesting a room in buildings 14-17 or 27, as these are a bit closer to the pool area and main building.

Have a great stay. Actually, all of the rooms are nice and you'll have a wonderful time regardless!

Alligator Bayou does have (most/all of the rooms which have kings?) but also has rooms with trundle beds, so it does have a large ratio of families. I only stayed in that section once, and in the 'mansions' at least a dozen times.

The whole riverside area is wonderful, and in my opinion the best theming of any moderate resort. Do make sure that you get up early and see the mist on the water. Also you can watch the fireworks over MK from a bridge across the river. And there are gazebos throughout if you are looking for somewhere quiet.

Also make sure that you take the boat to Downtown Disney - there may be a wait but it is definitely worth it - I did this my first night ever at WDW and will never forget it!

Somehow this resort seemed to be least active at night (as opposed to the value resort, when darkness seems to bring out the families) There are so many pathways between the buidlings that it doesn't appear crowded.

We stayed in Acadian House for our 1st trip there (our honeymoon) and we loved it. It was the furthest of the mansions but it was no more than a 5 min walk to main building. It was not very busy (I do not remember running into 1 person in the corridors) so we felt it was all ours. On our last trip we were in Oak Manor which we liked as well because we were closer to a quiet pool. I thought the most beautiful from the outside was Magnolia Terrace but I have also read this is the most requested so I would assume the busiest. If I had to choose I would say Acadian House.
DH and I stayed in a King bed room on the first floor of building 17 (I THINK it was #1723). Every day mousekeeping made romantic little things out of towels. One day she left towels in the shape of a heart on our bed. I thought that was so sweet I took a picture. We haven't gotten anything with towels from mousekeeping since 1992, when we were in Wilderness Trailer Homes with little ones.
For quiet... the very corner water view room of Parterre. There's absolutely NO noise, morning or night. :) It's the best stay I've had at POR. I've stayed in other areas and have always experienced parents who yell to their kids down the hall or downstairs and require their children to yell back and forth to them... all at 7 AM.
just remember that if you reserve a king you can get any view, there isn't a specific catagory like king waterview or standard..
Oh no that's scary! When I called and made the reservation I requested a King with water view and the woman taking the reservation didn't say anything about my possibly not getting the water view. The only thing she said was that she couldn't guarantee which side I was on (the bayou or mansion side) - which I thought was very strange. This is a little like a Seinfeld episode - "They can take the reservation, but they can't necessarily hold the reservation." It's a little crazy huh? I guess I 'm going to be crossing my fingers the whole way. If anyone has any info about things they've done to increase the chances that all their requests were fulfilled I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!
I requested King Waterview once. When I got there I had to choose King OR Waterview. I couldn't have both.
Thanks so much for the feedback. That's exactly what I did. I called back and reserved a king with a request for waterview. I feel better hearing your point about the waterview not being so significant since they're all outside entries. Love the pictures!
For a little extra romance make sure you take a evening walk by the river. It's a nice walk to PO-FQ, and the lounge, Scat Cat's is wonderful.:jester:
(Repost, accidentally deleted the first one)

I stayed in a King waterview back in September. If I were you, I would pay for the King to have that guaranteed and not really worry about the view. When you get there, or even before, request a king with a waterview. So few people actually book Kings that there is a good chance you will get it. And because there are outdoor entrances and no balconies, you probably won't keep your window open. The only time you will "see" your waterview is when you are outside the room. And to be honesy, the resort is so lush and beautiful that even a parking lot room is nice. I have some pics on my site of different view.
Two days before you arrive, call the resort and ask for the "Room Assigner". Tell them when you are arriving and what your specific request is. In my experience, I have always received extremely nice treatment from these cast members.

One tip, make sure that you reiterate your non-smoking request (if that is what you want). The last time I was down in Disney, I got a great room at the YC for Std price, but they forgot to hold non-smoking. We checked out the room and it was unbearable so we called the desk and they helped us out and got us a similar room in non-smoking, but they said it was the last non-smoking room available. Just make sure that you tell them what your first priority in request is.


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