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Feb 11, 2002
Are the cabins nice? How far are they from everthing like the busses, the lodge, boat etc? Would you stay there if given the choice?:confused:
Cabins are nice but small, 500 sg ft. Bedroom has a double and bunks and then not much leftover room with those in there. Living has pull down double and when pulled down there is not much room left in living room. However, they are bigger than even a deluxe hotel room. They sit in various loops having 25 or so cabins each and you walk to the entrance of the loop to catch a bus (takes you to main activity area, other busses and dock area which are all in the "Pioneer Hall" area). The area is heavily wooded and cabins are close to a mile from the main activity area but have their own pool nearby (just a plain pool, no slides). Each cabin has a place to park a car and a large outside porch. Quiet area and you can often see critters in the morning--racoons, armadillos, peacocks. Though they hold six, they are more comfortable for four or less. Air conditioned and teated like hotel rooms (daily maid service). Highly recommend you have a car there and use it for going anywhere other than MK (take the boat there). The bus transportation system leaves much to be desired as you always have to switch transports to get anywhere and that can mean very long trips particularly at any park closing time.

Thanks for the very informative post about the cabins!

Leah :)
You want info on Fort Wilderness? Have I got a deal for you! Please click on the following link for lots of info on that resort area:

And if you can handle streaming video, make sure to click on the video link that you'll find on the left-hand side of that webpage. You will see what the Fort Wilderness cabins look like towards the end of it. It should give you an excellent idea as to what that resort area will offer your family if you choose to vacation there.

By the way, that link is from the owner of this website (Dreams Unlimited Travel). If you're looking for more detailed info, please get in contact with them, as they are an excellent travel agency. Here is their link:

This is all my humble opinion.
Thanks everyone! Yall are sooo helpful! No, I didn't realize that the WL and these cabins were 2 totally different things, that has me thinking.....I really want to stay at WL, but having more space in the cabins and the quiet is appealing too! Decisions, decisions....I thought I had it all figured out!:confused:
You have now been bitten by the same WDW bug that we all have been bitten by. I hate to inform you that there is no cure to the illness except to keep on planning WDW vacations. You have been warned...
There are cabins at Wilderness Lodge as well. They were built when half the Lodge was converted to DVC.
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