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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by TheRobbs, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. TheRobbs

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    May 28, 2004
    We are looking to fly into Sav/H.H., SC next summer. Rent a car and stay 5 nights at Disney's Hilton head resort then drive down to Orlando and stay 4 nights at WDW then fly home from Orlando. I'm seeing that rental prices are doubled because I'm picking up the car at one Airport and dropping off at another. Is there any way around this?? Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

  2. Thumper_Man

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    Jul 30, 2009
    There's not really a way around this rather than keep checking back frequently, and keep checking other rental car companies. I could be wrong. If there is another way, I don't really know about it.

    We experienced this last year. Not in Florida, but in Nevada. DW and I went to Reno; we wanted to drive down to Las Vegas and fly home from there. The drop off fee was killer, so our thought was to fly from Reno to Vegas, then from Vegas back home. I kept checking back frequently and finally found that Alamo was not going to charge us the enormous drop off fee. So we got lucky. Unfortunately this about the best piece of advice I have to offer. Hopefully someone in here knows of a better way.
  3. Lewisc

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    May 23, 2000
    Rental agencies want to be compensated for the miles you'll be putting on their car. Some will black out the cheap rates, others will charge a drop fee and some will limit the number of free miles.

    Use Kayak and travelocity to check. Check Hertz.

    Don't expect to pay the dirt cheap rates we get for local rentals out of MCO.
  4. jlewisinsyr

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    Mar 29, 2007
    My recommendation is to do 3 rentals. One for the stay in Hilton Head with a return in Hilton Head, followed by a one way rental to MCO, then a pick-up at MCO and a return to MCO.
  5. Rpsemont

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    Jun 28, 2001
    YOu may also want to look for an intermediate stop to change cars. Some rental car companies don't charge extra within certain geographic distances. It could be that there is an intermediate city that you could drop one car and pick up another. It might be two separate agencies which you can do if you have two drivers.

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