Need a Recommendation on Portable Propane Grill For Camper


Photographer in need of training...
Oct 15, 2014
I intend to examine Ed's at GSP. My current grill has some life left, but I do not like flame ups which is why I use the Holland at home, but it is old, still working, but I'm afraid the road trips are going to shorten its life. My outdoor kitchen has large amount of counter space but I keep my grill in the front storage compartment as it is vented, thus keeping the smell out of the camper. My outdoor kitchen has the small grill, similar I believe to Jim's. I really would of preferred the two burner cooktop, and I actually could swap it out, but the cooktop is $80 and then I'd have a small grill with nothing to do with so I am actually looking into a griddle plate possibly to set on top of it and use. I have this fireman's fear of an attached grill and a flame up burning down my rig.
We will have our 17 there also.


Sounds like something a camping trip could cure!
Feb 10, 2008
So, I ordered the griddle for Frank for our 8-8 anniversary. Last week I thought it might make his life easier to have it while he is having to do all the cooking. OMG, you'd have thought he won the lottery. He got it all seasoned up and he loves it. Faster and less clean up in the kitchen.


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