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    May 10, 2002
    Hello All,
    We are busy planning our March trip...can't wait to get some nice sunny weather...and we are looking into ticket options. My daughter has an AP and I am thinking of getting a 10 day MYW ticket with NO expiration and the park hopper option. According to the disney site, this ticket comes to $323. Do you save any money by purchasing the ticket through disney world online and having it sent to your house? Or will we pay the same price once we arrive at WDW? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Hi Skondo10,

    You may find better prices at the following:

    They are all recommended by

    I just purchased my 10day no expiration, park hopper premium ticket (5plus days included) for $362.00(taxes included) from

    They have the best ticket price for this length of ticket so far.

    Don't forget that the prices you see on the Disney site DO NOT include taxes.

    Hope this helps,
    iluvwesties (AKA Carol)

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