Jun 4, 2013
There was a thread posted over there that Kevin removed. It said :

I have a cousin who is an Imagineer out of the Burbank office. He came to our house this past week for a bday celebration. He remembered that I used to play VMK a lot. He said that there has been some buzz around the office about VMK reopening "by a bunch of kids under a different name". He said that some of his fellow Cast Members have created accounts and there is talk around the corporate office about how there is sexual content and cussing going on in a game that is Disney-branded. He asked me if it was moderated and I suggested that he ask the game creators. LOL

He said one of the women there, somehow related to the Disney family, started complaining about how they do not want that being associated with their brand. I asked him what that meant and if he thought anything would come of it....the only thing he said is "Disney is very protective of their branding and they are aware of what is going on". I asked him to elaborate and he flat out said no. (butt LOL) So what does that mean for us? I hope we don't lose our game over something like this.

I wonder how much longer this game will survive. I really wonder how much longer it will go on before Disney shuts it down or threatens with a lawsuit.

There is most certainly favoritism on the board and in the game. There are a handful of people over there that are constantly causing fights in threads and nothing is ever done about it. (that happens on every message board) I think the part that is most bothersome is that a simple remarks back such as (I refuse to participate in an immature arguement) is seen as an attack, but the same 5 - 10 people who are constantly belittling people are never stopped. Oh well! I quit the game already because of the immaturity. It is sad.


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