MyVMK - Anyone playing?


Man has a dream and that's the start...
Sep 19, 2005
Remembering all the fun on VMK led me to this, apparently all volunteer developed fan site.

Other than the fact that it's pretty desolate population wise, it looks and feels identical to the old VMK.

So far, I'm Guest10023711.

I've read some of the forums on here about it and it has been mostly negative, but I'm up for getting together with my old Dis VMK peeps if anyone is interested. Pretty painless to register and create a toon if you want to try it out.


Keyblade Wielder
Jun 24, 2016
You know I never knew this existed but this is TOTALLY AWESOME!! Of course its not the old VMK but its a trip down memory lane! I remember playing this game and having all these friends and we'd do such random silly things!


Earning My Ears
Aug 23, 2017
I play it occasionally. It doesn't have the same feel to me as the old one used to, mainly because the majority of my friends don't play it often, if at all.


Planning a Disney vacation all the time
May 13, 2007
I still log on occasionally. You're right it doesn't have the same feel as the old but I have made a few friends that I like to pop in and say "HI" too every now and again.


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