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    May 30, 2002
    I didn't know where else to post this, so this seemed as good a place as any.

    My honeymoon trip is August 11- 16 at the wl - woods view
    I am trying to do an iternary and this is what i have so far.

    Sunday - Arrive
    Have a Nice Dinner

    Start at Animal Kingdom, move to Epcot when it closes

    Magic Kingdom
    Nice Dinner


    Nice Dinner

    Friday - Leave

    Does this sound like a good plan? where/when would you suggest eating? My fiance doesn't really want to do a character meal, but i wouldn't mind, are there any that don't feel too childish?
    Where i have a nice dinner, it doesn't have to be dinner, it could be lunch but definitely sit down. We also don't really want to spend more then 100 a day on food, is this realistic?
    Any advice would be greatly appriciated.
    Oh i almost forgot, how late do restraunts at hotels stay open, could we possibly go to eat after the parks close?
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    Whtyger97, congratulations on your upcoming honeymoon trip! What you have stated so far sounds wonderful. I want you to make sure to make time for the Electrical Water Pageant that floats by all the resorts that are found on Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake (that is, the Grand Floridian, Poly, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, and Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds). You can even enjoy the show while dining inside the GF’s Narcoossee’s restaurant (since that restaurant sits right on Seven Seas Lagoon), but I always find it lots of fun to view it from any of the resorts’ beaches (by the way, I hear viewing it from a hammock on the beach of the Poly is especially romantic).

    There are so many wonderful restaurants to enjoy at WDW, both inside the resorts and inside the theme parks. The hours, of course, vary, so if you have a particular restaurant in mind, it would be best to call that restaurant directly to find out their exact hours during your vacation. If it is a restaurant that you can make a PS (Priority Seating) reservation for, then WDW-DINE should be able to help you with the restaurant’s hours. The Dis has a webpage devoted to restaurants and dining, and it is found by clicking on this link.

    And here is the Dis’ DISNEY RESTAURANTS board (a great place to post specific restaurant questions).

    Is $100 a day enough for food? That depends. If you want to dine at the Grand Floridian’s Victoria & Albert’s Restaurant, that would only cover one person’s meal (your spouse would have to go hungry!). If you plan on grabbing a majority of your meals at quick-service restaurants, $100 would be enough. Just try to pace yourselves. The food is usually pretty plentiful at a WDW restaurant, so you may be able to share some of your meals or desserts.

    As to character meals, I wouldn’t worry about feeling “too grownup” to attend one. They are a lot of fun and the food is usually excellent. One of my favorite character meals is held in the Grand Floridian’s 1900 Park Fare Restaurant (talk about good food). You can get some priceless photo opportunities with the Disney characters, which should make your Honeymoon Scrapbook especially fun to view through the years.
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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We just returned from our WDW honeymoon a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it!

    We stayed at Wilderness Lodge too and fell in love with it. FYI -- our room was 1030. It was a king sized room on the first floor and it was a perfect location. At first I wasn't too thrilled about it because it was right next to an elevator, but it wasn't noisy at all. The location was perfect because we weren't too far from the main lobby, about 20 feet from the snack bar, right next to the pool area (which we never used unfortunately), and a hop, skip and a jump from the ferry boat to MK.

    I would suggest making PS at Artists Point for your first evening. Depending on when you arrive, eat at 5:30pm because it won't be crowded at all and it will give you plenty of time to go to MK or another park that night. The food and service at Artists Point is amazing! Truly! It's the best kept sercret at WDW. It is pricey -- we had the Discovery Magic package so it was included, but it would have cost us about $100.

    The Roaring Forks snack bar at WL is open until either 11pm or midnight I can't remember. They always have pre-made sandwiches, cookies, snacks, etc. and during the morning and day they'll make hot breakfasts or lunches. Definitely purchase the refillable mugs -- we got our money's worth! We stopped by there when we returned at the end of the day to grab a snack and refill our mugs. Plus, since it was so close to our room we had breakfast there every morning.

    $100 will be enough if you frequent the quick service locations. If you want to have nice dinners you can spend $60-$100 easily just there. That's why we liked the Discovery Magic package because it allowed us to eat at the nice restaurants -- otherwise we wouldn't have wanted to spend the money.

    We happened upon a character dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern and consider it one of our best meals. It was not "childish" at all -- the characters simply walk around and visit with every table. They love honeymooners and be sure to wear the bride & groom pins or bride & groom ears. It makes for some great pictures, and they don't spend too much time with you. Enough to make you smile and take a picture. It was a blast, and the food was yummy too (meat and potatoes kind of thing). Your fiance will regret not doing a character breakfast once he's at WDW -- everyone's a kid at WDW.

    We also booked a PS at the Brown Derby Fantasmic dinner package. Very convenient, but we didn't enjoy our meal very much. There are Fantasmic dinner packages at other restaurants, and I would recommend it if you want to see Fantasmic at MGM. This way you don't have to wait in line hours before the show.

    At Epcot we had dinner at the Italian restaurant and loved it. Plan on having dinner around 7pm so you'll finish in time to see Illuminations. Plus, right outside Italy a little bit to your right is a priority viewing area for Illuminations. My husband nicely asked the CM there if he could surprise his "bride" and be able to enter the area. She winked and allowed us in. We did have on the bride & groom ears that day, so I'm sure that helped our chances. We received lots of special attention that day and other days when we wore the bride & groom pins. Our own boats on rides, free desserts, etc.

    Finally, our last "nice" meal was at the Contemporary at the California Grille. We had a PS for 8:00pm and were seated around 8:45pm. The sun was just setting behind the MK when we arrived and it was beautiful. Unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us. At 10:00 the MK firewaorks began and we went out on the observation deck to watch them and then returned for dessert. If you don't want to spend the money on dinner there (again, an easy $100) you should at least go up there to view the fireworks. You can take the ferry boat over from the WL to the Contemporary. But be careful, the ferry boats stop at 10:30 and we got stuck the night we had dinner there. We had to take a taxi home.

    The ferry boat from the WL to MK is very convenient... and sometimes we would take the ferry boat to the Contemporary and hop on the monorail to another park. The buses were just as fast, but not nearly as adventuresome.

    Sorry for rambling... your itinerary looks great to me. My only advice is try not to set your expectations too high about all you're going to be able to see and do. We were there from Monday until Sunday and we didn't see and do half what we expected. Relax and enjoy the romance.... and most of all enjoy the magic!

    Let me know if you have other questions! Have fun!

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