My 5yr old will be MORTIFIED to ride in a stroller!!!


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Jan 3, 2001
I've read so much about strollers and how invaluable they can be. I would like to bring/rent one but don't want to push around an empty stroller all day. :eek: I know my dd 5 is NOT going to sit in it. well, maybe towards the end of the day when she's pooped but not before and that leaves me lugging it around. Anyone else have this problem. Is 5 too old. She's a big 5 almost 6 by this trip and not frail at all. Maybe I should get the stroller for me or dh. LOL

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I would bring it. If she isnt comfy riding in it when she isnt pooped, then you could use it to put your bags,water,souveneirs,etc... in it.

I bet about half way through the day, she wont argue too much about sitting and riding for a few minutes.
I wish they made them adult size sometimes.. :D :D

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I thought the same thing about our 5 yr old. No way,no how would he ride in a stroller. WRONG!
In the afternoon, he was more than happy to hop in! His 7 yr old brother even got in for a little while when he got tired.
I was surprised, but pleased because it made the visit so much more pleasant.


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When visiting the world several years ago with 3 and 5 year olds,we rented a wheelchair when they got tired.No way would they have ridden in a stroller-"strollers are for babies!"They both fit comfortably in the chair.We just parked it with the strollers when we were ready to ride something.They were not embarrassed and appreciated the break.They are too big to do that this year,so we will be taking an afternoon swim break at the resort to give the kids a chance to relax and recharge.

Wheelchairs are for people who need them because of handicaps that limit their mobility NOT for carting around small children. Every time you rent a wheelchair for your healthy kids because you think they will not use a stroller when they are tired or because you don't want to pay for a double stroller you potentially deny access to someone who needs a wheelchair to enjoy the parks,
I know you will ssay that they have plenty, Well tell that to me the times I had to sit for an hour or so waiting for a wheelchair to become available. Thank God I have my own wheelchair now and don't have to worry about people who rent wheelchairs for their WELL children.
You are the parents and make the rules. You tell them they have a choice when they are tired. Hop in the stroller and ride while they rest or return to the resort for a nap. End of discusssion. I will not carry you or put up with whining. It works if you are strong about it. Children need to be given limits.
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It took major convincing to get my mom to rent an electric chair when we were at the parks. She can not walk more than 200 ft without a lot of pain, yet she said the chairs should be for those who really need them!

I can't imagine renting a chair for able-bodied children!
dead in a regular stroller. We gave away or put in the attic our strollers a long time ago-lol. However, when we go to WDW (last trip was last month), they never think twice about riding in one of the double strollers. There are LOTS of kids that age in strollers at WDW. I do think a 5 year old could do AK or MGM without a stroller-those parks don't take a full day. However, a stroller sure makes touring MK and Epcot a lot more pleasurable for the entire family.

We will be going soon with our DD who will turn 5 while we are there. I agree with the comment that "we are the parents." My daughter will have two choices- walk without complaining or ride in a stroller (she also would never use one normally). She is too big to carry and a stroller is the only alternative. My DS rode in a stroller at WDW when he was 5 w/o complaint.
My kids are 7, 3, and 1....needless to say, my 7 year old hasn't been a stroller for nearly 4 years now, but when we were at MK in October, I took him and my 3 yo to an E-ride night, and he jumped in to the rented stroller with her and made some comment about 'this is the life...' He also made if very clear that I would never, ever, mention this to any of his friends! :)
I agree wheelchairs should be saved for those that need them not able body children who don't want to ride in a stroller.

My 4 kids 3,7,8,9 fight over the 3yr olds stroller. None of them would ride in a stroller at home but WDW is a lot of walking.

So plan to bring or rent a stroller but don't even consider a wheelchair it sends the wrong message to your kids..

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I would never even consider a wheelchair.

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I can't understand why all of your children have such an issue with riding in the strollers. My kids ages 3,7, and 9 all like to. As a matter of fact my 7 and 9 year old fight over who can jump in and sit down when my 3 year old gets out for awhile and they could really care less if their friends know, they know when their legs are tired and they welcome the break to sit down and rest wherever it may be! :rolleyes: I think if your kids are tired enough that they will hop in and sit down without a care, so I definetly bring one or at least rent one, there is ALOT of walking~
Our children will be 8, 5, and 2 during our next visit. We are taking a stroller with us for the 2YO. I'm a little concerned about the 5YO because she still loves to ride in a stroller. Since things are closer together at MK and MGM, I think she'll be OK with walking. We're just planning on renting a stroller (if needed) at EPCOT and AK since you do so much more walking at those parks.

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After watching my sister and her husband carrying their 5 year old through the parks cuz she wouldn't ride in the stroller and them having a terrible day - just imagine how tired they were. Once you pick them up it is all over.
"Maybe I should get the stroller for me or dh. LOL"

Now we are talking. Kids have so much energy they should be pushing us old folks around!

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Back to the original question - Curlyjb, you could buy a very cheap umbrella stroller, and then put it in a locker if you aren't using it. I think it would be cheaper than a couple of days renting, and you could use it in the car parks etc.

I'd bring the stroller anyway - like someone said - you could always put packages, drinks, etc in it. In fact I made one trip with 5 other adults and we rented a stroller everyday to be able to roll around the cameras, water bottles, etc. It was easier on everyone's back!
My 5 year-old has not ridden in a stroller since about two years old.

HOWEVER, when we are in Disney World he is really glad to get that rest and when he "chooses" to walk...we just use it to carry our things around. The strollers are not "baby-looking", but instead are themed to the parks and I have seen kids of "ALL AGES" riding in them. Many times I have wished that they had them adult-sized !!!!

To those of you that have never been to Disney, the amount of walking that you will do is AMAZING !!! Your child will be glad to have a ride now and again. TRUST ME !!!!!
I always use a stroller when I go to the parks. My kids always have a choice-walk and hold a hand or get in the stroller. I dread the day that they don't need a stroller any more. I think I'll bring one just to carry all the junk in. It makes the day so much easier.

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Please don't ever take any W/C unless you REALLY need them! That's like taking a W/C parking spot! Those are designed for people who actually NEED them. I've worked in a physical rehab center and would never dream of taking either of those away from people who need them!

About strollers... My 9 DD loved them and actually wishes she could still fit into them! Like someone else said, you can always put your stuff in them which is nice. We never brought our our, just rented. They're nice.

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