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    Do you also need a park pass on top of the ticket for the event?

    Thinking of going on a night where tickets are not sold in advance. How do we buy tickets and does that mean it will be mobbed?

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    I want to say NO ..your ticket to MVMCP is also your entry. Seems like I remember people going because you can get into MK about 3 hours early on the ticket.
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    Here is an information thread which might help answer some questions:

    Official 2013 MVMCP Information

    You don't need a park ticket to go to the party. The party starts at 7pm but you can get into MK on your party ticket as early as 4pm.
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    This. :thumbsup2

    It is a separate ticketed event and the ticket they send you is your admission ticket; no need for an additional ticket unless you want to visit the park during the day (before 4pm). If you want to go to the park before 4pm, then you will have to buy a park ticket; or use a day from your multi-day ticket if you have one. You can start to enter the park as early as 4pm for MVMCP if you plan on just using just the MVMCP ticket. Just make sure to get a wristband on your way in. Anyone that doesn't have a wristband will be asked to leave the park starting at 7pm. There are CM's scattered throughout the park at night checking for wristbands. If you didn't get a wristband, keep your tickets handy as you may need to show them to the CM's. They will give you a wristband as long as you have proof.

    I believe tickets for all the days are sold in advance and can be purchased online through WDW main website.

    Depending on which night you go will determine if you are mobbed or not. DW, D'Sis and I went last year during the first week of December. We went on a Thursday night and the crowds were very manageable. Weekends and closer towards Christmas tend to see an increase in crowds.
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    Tickets can be purchased in advance for all of the parties. You might be thinking of the fact that there is a discount for advance purchase for selected parties, but not for all of them.

    You have to get the wristband immediately after your party ticket is scanned. Don't bypass the CMs with the wristbands thinking you'll get it later. The party tickets don't have names on them so once they're scanned there's no way the CMs know that it's yours and not one you found on the ground. You're going to waste party time explaining the situation.

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