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    Hello. I am travelling to Disney in a month and a half with some family. We are total a group of nine split into three different rooms at ASSp (three different ressies). I have noted on my reservation that we are travelling with the two other rooms so that we should be placed near each other if it is possible.

    My question is this: My brother and gf have noted a request for a king bed with their reservation. SIL is in the other room and has no request except to be near our room. I would like to request a certain building/area. How would disney handle this at checkin? Would one request get priority over another? Will they offer us options if only one is available or the other? Or could we request to be split up so that we may each get our separate requests? Ideally we would love to be all next to each other and granted our separate requests but I know that is probably not likely to happen so I'm trying to figure out what our options might be.

    Thanks for any info!
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    You don't appear to have asked for any connecting rooms or even adjoining rooms, so I would guess the room assignor will be able to grant the requests. You might just be in the same building -- that would be close to one another. Within the building/section that you request, there will be a king room for brother and there will be a room near yours for your sister.

    It becomes more problematical when people want connecting rooms and a bunch of other requests.

    Having traveled with different members of my family, there were times I was glad I was in a different building than my brother and his family! Other times I didn't mind being at a different resort from other family members. Just sayin . . . So, be careful what you wish for.

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