More BCV points confusion??

Johnnie Fedora

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Jul 4, 2001
Here is the senario as I understand it:
June use year......Buy BCV now (get incentive), Book BCV on March 6th (for Aug 1st and after BCV), close on June 1, get BCV points in August. Can you use the BCV points in June or July for another DVC property or the cruise???
Can you use the BCV points in June or July for another DVC property or the cruise???

My understanding is, No. That is the reason for offering the stays at hotels (or cash). I'm not 100% sure and I'm waiting for someone to relay the answer from a guide.
I think the answer is no because (and this is just a guess) June 1, wouldn't be the closing. Wouldn't the closing have to be August 1, since that is when the property becomes available? An August 1 closing would make sense based on all that I have heard and read, but maybe those with more experience would know better.
I was told by my guide today that closing would be June 1. I asked so many other questions and we are not going again until Dec so I didn't ask if points could be used elsewhere from June until August or use year. I'm sure we'll hear tomorrow

I would think that the answer HAS to be no. How could DVC allow BCV owners to use points at a non-DVC resort BEFORE the non-BCV owners can use points at BCV? The only way I could see this happen is if the developer was willing to pay CRO cash for each room a BCV owner booked at one of the non-BCV DVC resorts.

It appears that the incentive (X nights stay at selected WDW resorts) was created to take care of those who wanted to stay in WDW before the BCV is actually available.


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