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    DH has agreed to stay a WDW for 1 night after my bday cruise. We decided on BLT. I splurged and went for the mk view. I can't find any pictures of the view. I was able to find a picture on all ears that show a view of the mk beyond the blt parking lot. please tell me this is not what a mk view looks like. I don't want to spend the extra points just so I can see the park way behind a parking lot.
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    Sorry - but that's about it. If you do keep the MK view, make sure you request an upper floor on your reservation. If you don't you might get stuck with the 4 or 5 floor and then your view IS mostly parking lot.
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    It's very likely what you are seeing is what you will get. As DVC members booked on points, our MK view had us on floor 4.

    Check to see what a MK view would be in the club level at CR. You'll likely have better amenities and a better view.
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    I strongly recommend that you check out work2play's excellent thread on BLT rooms and views located on the Planning board. She has maps in the first post that show the locations of the different rooms, and many guests have posted photos of their views from many rooms. See

    We just returned from a 7-night stay in an MK view studio. We were in villa #8028, which is located on the 10th floor. From our balcony, we had great views of Cinderella's Castle and Space Mountain, and at night we could see the fireworks show. However, villas ending in xx28 face toward the southwest, and most of the MK, including the Castle and the fireworks, are more toward the northwest. Thus, we couldn't really see the Castle or fireworks from our bed; we had to be on the balcony.

    There has been much discussion on the disboards about the MK view at BLT. Its true that BLT's parking lot is between BLT and the MK. For some people, the parking lot detracts from the MK view no matter how high a floor you are on. Based on reports in work2play's thread, there are some Lake View villas on BLT's outer north facing crescent that have, in my opinion, as good if not better MK views than what we had in villa #8028. I could see Disney reclassifying some of BLT's rooms in the future, but that is a topic for another thread. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with the view I had from my room, and I would be very happy to have it again.

    Good luck on getting what you want!!

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    These are pictures from my MK view studio.



    If you see a shot like the one below from these rooms it's because it was zoomed. The parking lot is in the forground of all of the rooms as is shown above.


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