Missing the Lagoon.


Lazy River Expert
Jan 14, 2009
Its a grey day in here in Lancaster.

I'm missing typhoon lagoon. Watching the Tim Tracker on youtube have a great time in the sun, in the warm exciting waters.

It is half inspiring, half sad. I will get back there, I blinking will, and this year. Even if I have to go by myself!


DisDad #818. London. Deputy Mayor of Bricksburg.
Jan 10, 2016
Make yourself a Lapu Lapu and put on the Poly Resort feed on Youtube. That generally lifts my spirits. Good luck with planning the trip

florida sun

Mrs Christopher Eccleston wannabe!
May 2, 2004
I know how you feel, my last visit was in 2006 and unfortunatley due to my elderly mothers illness, it will be some time before I am back there.......one day though Im sure.:goodvibes


Disney OverThinker
Sep 3, 2015
Our last trip in 2015 was during a scheduled closure of Blizzard Beach, and about a month ago I started missing the place terribly. The good thing about both water-parks is that they don't have tons of bespoke or hard to find music, so you can go listen to Apache and Surf Rider etc on Spotify, close your eyes and go there in your mind ...


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