Mickey's Slide Restrictions?

Terry in NJ

Aug 22, 1999
What are the height and age restrictions?
I don't want to tell DD (Age 5 and 42 inches tall) about
the slide, until I find out she can get on it...
I am not sure of restrictions. But I am sure my beautiful little nephew of age 6 told me this morning that he had an idea for "Auntie Adria" to sneak on the micky slide. He said he was going to tell Micky that I was really only 10 years old even though I look 25 years old!!!!!!!! (add 10+ years to that and he might be close not counting I am WAY past the weight restrictions !! LOL)

gotta love those little ones...can't say they don't try!
I believe the slide restrictions are 4 - 14....my son is 6 and went down it about 50 times. I didn't see anyone over 7 yrs old in the Mickey pool though.
Are the pool and the slide different? The slide doesnt drop into the pool?

imgoingtodisney, the slide doesn't go into the pool. Of course since I was not allowed on it I didn't know. DS7 said it "goes into a different thing where you couldn't hurt your bum."
:D How funny!

Kim ºOº
Yes, there are restrictions, and they are strict about them. ages 4-12, and a height restriction of 64". My dd best friend is only 10, but had a growth spurt....she is 64 1/2". They let her go on the slide once just to experience it, but no more. The slide exits into an area connected to the pool, right beside it...like a little exit ramp.
My DS (5) can't swim well -- can he still go on the slide or does it go into deep water?

Hey joshua4, The slide does not go into deep water, it is directly connected to the pool but off to the side, there is plexi-glass seperating the slide landing area from the pool so others that are in the pool do not get hurt, it mainly goes into a wading type of area, not to deep.

3 days 16hrs. 44 minutes 'til the Magic.

Norm for Kim
My 3 year old daughter went down several times. She is 41 inches tall & wasn't afraid to go down which I think that is part of it. I didn't find the cm to be strict about the requirements at all - but then again, how do they know how old your kids are?


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