Mickey's PhilharMagic Official!

You know, this actually sounds pretty cool. Perhaps it's a bright spot in a sea of general bleakness.
It does sound like a good upgrade.

There seems to be reasonable emphasis on the 4D part. It will be interesting to see what new 4D effects are used that haven't already been tried (Muppets/Bug's). Now that every WDW park has a 3D show it will probably be the last new one they make for awhile. This one seems like a natural for exporting into the other parks, so hopefully they did it right the first time.

If the JIYI rehab turns out half decent, there could once again be a reasonable slate of new things to experience for the 2003 visitor.

So Ariel and Jasmine will be in this attraction....I hope Belle is in it too!
I agree that the attraction sounds good and is replacing a attraction that has run its course. But i think we have to wait until the attraction is up and running till we can fully judge it. Disney has been doing things on the cheap for a number of years and i will be suspicious of the quality until its done and viewed by us, they dont deserve the benefit of the doubt IMHO.


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