Michael's coupons


Apr 15, 2002
Where are you guys getting the coupons for Michael's? I am going to be in Maine at the end of the month and I know they have a Michael's in Portland. It's calling my name. Can I find these coupons on-line?


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Apr 26, 2002
I get mine sometimes in our local newspaper. Sometimes they come in flyers in the mail, with all the coupons. I can't remember if I've seen them online or not.

Good luck! And happy shopping!


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Sep 12, 2000
You can also get the flyers with the coupons at the Michael's stores. Just ask at the Customer Service desk and they should have a copy. I've also gotten the coupons out of the Sunday paper (not an individual flyer, but a coupon in the paper itself).


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Apr 27, 2000
Some Michael stores won't give you a coupon if you ask. But if you ask for a circular....for some reason they will give them too you!


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Jul 28, 2000
Our Michael's store will honor the 40% off 1 item during the week it's offered without the coupon....just have to ask nicely.


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Dec 5, 1999
At my local Michael's you can ask as nicely as possible & you still get no coupon, no circular, nothing! We don't get a local newspaper, so it is frustrating to know their is a 40% off coupon, & the store is not willing to help customers :(.


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Aug 18, 1999
It really depends on the individual helping you! I think it's a shame when the people working there aren't willing to help out. They only throw those silly coupons in the trash anyway!

I do think that if you explain you're from out of town and don't receive their fliers that they'll help you out.

Good luck!


Aug 27, 2000
Our Michael's used to let you go without the coupon 1x....but now they say "you can bring your coupon in with your receipt and get a price adjustment."

It's frustrating because my husband works very early in the AM and therefore buys the paper at work, out of our area Micheal's store. Hence, no coupon!!! Every week it's a different coupon; I call every Sunday and ask if and where the coupon is, ie. in the paper itself (b&w) or in a circular, or none at all (hate those weeks!!!!).

Ok, I know, kind of obsessed with Michael's. But those 12 x 12 paper books are great....(don't tell my CM upline)


Apr 15, 2002
Thanks for all the in's and out's! I think that I will just tell them that I live out of the area and ask them if they have a circular or any extra coupons that they were willing to part with. Maybe I'll get a decent one. It's so crappy that they would rather throw the coupons away, then give them to a customer. It's not like they specifically are going to profit from the extra few dollars they will make from us. They should, but likely they wouldn't.

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