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May 17, 2000
All crew and managers of McDonald's restaurants and their immediate family qualify for a 20% discount with the McDonald's discount card on selected resorts and park passes. Ask your store manager or owner/operator for information. THIS IS ONLY FOR McDONALD'S EMPLOYEES AND THEIR FAMILIES.
call 1-888-800-6237 for information.
you must give your chapter number (removed) which is on the magic kingdom club card that was issued to the employees in march of 2000.
other people may try to request a discount card but i can not guarantee that you will get it. but it is worth a try. remember to write down the phone number and the chapter number listed above.
best of luck to you.
ps. these discount ticket and resort prices are only available through the McDONALD'S McFAMILY GETAWAY OFFER. NOT WITH A TRAVEL AGENT.

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Hi Emmadoo!

Thank you for your post advising McDonald's employees of this discount. Since it is against board policy to post a discount code, I have removed the code from your post. I recommend that any McDonald's employees wanting more information speak with their management or perhaps email Emmadoo.



Tammy aka Kaa
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Can you still obtain the McDonald's discount cards? My son is a McD employee but didn't start until 6/2000. If I could get 20% off, I'd order the passes for our next trip now.


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i apologize for including the number in my post. if anyone has additional questions, please email me with the word McDONALD'S in the subject and i will get back to you.
sorry for the inconvenience.


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