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  1. yourroyalhighness

    yourroyalhighness Earning My Ears

    May 21, 2001
    Well after planning our wedding for the last year we awoke to hear the horror on the news. Our wedding is in 23 days and than we are suppose to go to Disney and Universal for our honeymoon. Today we were suppose to get our marriage license but they closed the courthouse. I'm so worried about the family and friends we have flying in for wedding from all over the U.S. I can't believe what all the family members and friends of the victims at the Pentagon, Wtc, all the rescue workers and those helpless people on the planes are going through. Today I prayed and its been ahwile. I can't believe how selfish I feel worrying about our situation when the are so many people lost. All the wifes, husbands, fiances, children of people, friends and neighbors. It has really made me realize how small things like not getting all the small details done for this wedding and honeymoon don't matter as long as I have my loved ones. May those in crisis find comfort in knowing we are all thinking about them. We have not decide on what to do about our honeymoon. We are both very scared to fly. Especially two days after we start our life together. Also the threat of a terrorist of any kind getting in to a great all american happy place like Disney is not that far fetched. I hope that the next couple weeks helps us with our decision. For all of you that have decided you will be going, you have amazing courage, I envy you. Flying is scary for me on an given trip so in light of today my fear is overwhelming. The thought of cancelling the honeymoon of our dreams is so painful to think about. I just don't know if I can get on a plane going across the country. I feel like a coward but when I think of all the innocent people that were working,waiting for tours,eating in the WTC food court, shopping, or flying to their destinations and suddenly lost their lives......... I can't imagine.
  2. akasleepingbeauty

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    Jul 6, 2000
    I can understand your mixed feelings on this situation. I am so sorry this has happened right before your wedding and honeymoon. If I were you, I would continue with my plans. I think it is HIGHLY unlikely that there will be anymore terrorist activity soon unless we are in FULL OUT war. The terrorists purposely did all they could in a short period of time because they knew that once the news was out there would be such incredible security that they could not do anything else. Their motives were financial/political/military which is why they chose their particular targets - although I agree somewhere like WDW could be a target I don't think it at all fits in with what these terrorists are trying to accomplish.

    I am scheduled to fly with my 16 month old dd next month to visit my grandparents. I am sure I'll be more nervous but we are still going unless something MAJORLY changes by then (like full-out war as I mentioned before). I will not allow these terrorists to rule my life with fear.

    Give yourself a little time to think this over so that you can see how the situation is progressing. I would just hate to see you miss out on this major life event because of the sick tactics of these terrorists.

    Good luck and best wishes on happy marriage and honeymoon!
  3. disneefamily

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Disney Dad says..................Do your trip as if nothing happend, the cowardly attacks were done to disrupt our lives . You can help by giving blood or money, but you can also help by showing your resolve by doing your trip as planned. We are flying November 9, and while I don't like flying I am looking forward to this trip because it will be my small way of saying to the pukes that they had NO affect on my life, and even made me stronger, because now I want to fly on that plane!! God bless America, and all the families strruck by this remarkably cowardly act.
  4. sha_lyn

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    Jan 14, 2000
    I can certainly understand how you feel. I also suggest going on with your plans. What you are feeling reminds me of what happened when my grandmother died. Certainly it was not the national tradgy you are faced wiht but her passing was suddent and deeply hurt our family. She passed just a coupld of days before my aunt and uncles 50th wedding aniversary (grandmothers oldest child). They were extremely close. My aunt had taken care of my grandmother sicne my grandfathers death 7 years before. We are a very close family andi t was very hard on all of us. We had planned a wonderful reception for my aunt and uncle and many people out side our emediate family thought we should cancel it. We knew in our hearts that my grandmother would want us to celebrate their special day. It was a day of celebration and sadness. The most moving part was when they opened the present my grandmother got for them. I think having the reception started the healing process for us. Please continue with your plans. Do not let these terrorist have the upper hand on all of us. They have taken so much from us do not let them take your happiness too.
  5. KJMAX1

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    Mar 27, 2000
    Go to WDW and enjoy enjoy enjoy the honeymoon!! Now is probably the safest time EVER to fly and probably the safest time ever to be an American living in the US. Our Nation now needs to accept the tradgic events and move on now to resolving what these people have done. Our Nation's leaders are working very hard along with a lot of other countries to ensure that something like this does not happen again. The fact is the world is a huge place, and the Twin Towers, and the Pentegon are a very small part of that big world. We do not need to be worriers anymore, but be pro active, and do not tolorate anything like this again. The terrorists wanted to create terror and fear and will succeed if you allow them to. They want us to not spend money and they want us to be afraid of them which makes them feel powerful. In reality, its they who should be fearful of the world uniting against them, and God who will ultimately deal with them.

    Disneyworld is a wonderful place to spend a honeymoon and will be a very magical and memorable vacation for the two of you. It is now a time to heal and let go of the past to move onto your bright new future which is what you will have. There will be many more anniversary dates, children, dogs, cats, fish, PB and J's, special phone calls, and special dates for the two of you. Life is continuing without you while you stay in your home, and youre missing out by fear.

    Congrats, and have fun!! Life is wonderful!! God Bless America!

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