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Sea days are just so relaxing!
Sep 8, 2006
@lovesmurfs I love your picture from the 5K! And I think that 50 minutes is a very respectable time! If you look at it that way that "normal" walking speed is usually 4 km/h, that would mean it would take 75 minutes to walk a 5K. So you managed to be 1/3 quicker than normal walking speed. That's something that needs training and persistence!! Well done!!


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Apr 21, 2014
Okay I think I have sorted the thread loading issues - I switched browsers - I tried my DDs computer tonight and it worked no problem - then I realised she uses Chrome.... so voila I am back!

:cheer2::cheer2: Well done, Congratulations!

My Motivation Monday and Topic Tuesday kind of go together .... Saturday night was DS's year 12 formal - It went well - his favourite part of the night was riding and arriving in his specially rented retro car ... a 48 Chevy ... loud, fast and looked super cool. So here is the motivation part - whilst I think I looked as close to as good as I can at the moment - I am far from happy with what I really saw in the pics and that is my size (my arm and sleeve is helping to disguise my belly in the pic below)! Oh and I usually have curly hair but had it straightened for something special. So come the end of the year for his graduation (in Australia our kids graduate around the middle of November) I want to be smaller and hopefully a little more satisfied with any pics taken then. I will post a pic of us, as he is super gorgeous (IMHO) :rotfl2: Resizing the pic has degraded the quality a little. Another highlight of the night was that his very thoughtful mother had a gift for him - a choice of lapel pins for his suit - he got to choose between a 'Spiderman" one or the 'Avengers - A" insignia - the Spiderman one wasn't as clear as the image at the online store showed - so interestingly I thought he would go with Spiderman as he has loved him since he was little and still does - but he went with the A for Avengers - He said lots of the kids noticed it and thought it was A - mazing (haha see what I did?)

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Hope the results are useful and you are able to get treatment that helps quickly.

Good luck with the car hunt!
Wonderful picture of the two of you!


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May 19, 2011
Thanks, lovesmurfs for hosting! You did great.

Thank you my friends for your kind words and suggestions! I'll get my mojo back!! See you in June.


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