May the 4th?


Aug 2, 2011
How busy is Hollywood Studios typically on May the 4th? We have a trip to Walt Disney World scheduled over that time and a huge Star Wars fan with us. Rise of the Resistance will definitely be a priority and anything else Star Wars specific. Is it too busy to enjoy? Extra fun because of the general Star Wars fans? Trying to decide if we should plan Hollywood Studios that day or avoid it. Thoughts?


DIS Veteran
Jan 29, 2020
This last May was the first year Galaxy's Edge was open for May 4th. Opening in Fall of 2019, so not opened in May 2019, Disney was closed mid March to Mid July 2020. I believe in May 2021, WDW was still around 50% capacity, so of course reservations sold out. So 2022 will be the first year with likely full park capacity. One positive is the Star Wars star cruiser voyage to Batuu should happen on the 3rd and 5th, that's only about 500 guests, but will be good they're not adding to the crowd size that day.

If you have die hard star wars fans, I'd definitely say go on the 4th and enjoy what you can just to celebrate the official star wars day. If you're more meh, I'd probably choose a different day. Also, as I mentioned earlier, star cruiser guests arrive every other day, so might be worth trying not to hit one of those days as well if possible. May will be Odd number days.

Enjoy your trip!


TPAS Moderator
Sep 17, 2004
We went and had a blast! Most people Disney bounded a Star Wars character. The merchandise was tricky to get. They had a virtual queue for merchandise. But there were some t-shirts, mugs and stuff like that in the stores near park entrance. But for the LE merchandise, you had to use the virtual queue.