May 2020 Report


Apr 19, 2002
I had my long awaited Disney vacation week starting May 17th and it was almost a dream come true.

Day 1- day of arrival - check in was a breeze since I was already at my home resort. Went downstairs and announced "I'm here!" The greeting CM turned out to be my cat who had an expression indicating "oh great." However her enthusiasm level will not receive an Exceeds Expectations if I complete a survey.

Day 2 - I have really been looking forward to going to the Main Street Bakery. I drove to the local bakery on Main Street. It was closed. Went back home and scrambled some eggs.

Day 3 - Decided to walk around and enjoy the Disney landscaping. Noticed the grass was not up to the normal Disney standards. My neighbor yelled over the fence to confirm that it needed mowing.

Day 4 - Enjoyed having no line at the ride. Got on the lawn mower and it was a lot of fun.

Day 5 - It was raining so I decided not to go out and have any Photopass people capturing my bad hair day.

Day 6 - Got that sad feeling knowing that vacation was just about over an that I had to get back to the real world.
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“I slapped Ouiser Boudreaux”
Dec 9, 1999
Did the cat at least meow a “Welcome home!” to you?


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