Max - 50 PTS RUN!!!


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Jan 8, 2001
Just got in to Mypoints. He is still under New Merchants and still says he is worth 50.

Good luck.
I couldn't get in a few minutes ago....said it was down for scheduled maintenence.........I'll go try again.
Yeah! I got it! I got fifty from him yesterday too.....wonder whats up with the 50 pointers. Not that I'm complaining.

Just checked and he is still there. Got him! Obviously MP is back from maintenance....
Yay!! 50 pointer!! I hope they keep giving these out!! Thanks so much! :)

It's been slim pickin's with My Points lately - that was great!


I went to get him and found out they disabled my account! Sorry for shouting, but I am more than a little pissed off. There was no reason for them to do it. There is only one account in our household and that is it. Grrr.
Thank you so much for the 50 pointer!!

Robin -- I am so sorry they disabled your account :( I hope you can get it restored soon.
:bounce: Wooooohooooooo :bounce:
That was great but I have a funny feeling that means Max may disappear Monday for a few weeks.
dtuleya -- go to the main My points page. Click on shopping from the left hand side. A list will open up underneath it with a bunch of categories. The first one is "new merchants" click on that. Wait for Max the red triangle guy to appear, then click on him (once). You should be taken to a blue congratulations screen that says you've been awarded 50 points.

Go get him!
Denise- Welcome to mypoints rewards and to the rewards board!

You can click on Max for points only once per day. Max doesn't make an appearance everyday, and he's almost never worth more than 5 points. He usually can be found in different locations in the Shopping catagory.

It's a VERY good day at mypoints.
Thanks for the nice welcome! Can I ask what reward everyone is saving for? Looking for something to go along with my WDW trip in November (restaurants, etc.) Thanks for the advice. By the way, I did find Max!
Denise- I'm going at the end of May-begining of June. My first trip as a Disney Store castmember! Can't wait!!!

I do and for restaurant gift certificates. We'll be renting a car, so we'll go out to some of the restaurants offsite. I also redeem at mypoints for webcertificates. Webcerts are really a prepaid mastercard account. I ordered the plastic card through webcerts, so I can spend the money in my account anywhere that accepts Mastercard as payment. also pays in webcerts-

I do and which pay in cash-I sock that away and try not to touch it. You won't make fabulous money overnight at any of these programs, but over time, it will add up and could take a sizeable chunk out of you WDW epenses.
He was still there when I just got home from work..Boy what a surprise!!
I never get anything at night...especially the 20 pointers on Blink..they only show up for those home during the day! Oh.. well...Thanks for the heads up on My Points!


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