March Trip Report -- Part 12: Lunch at Mythos Restaurant


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Aug 20, 1999
March 11, 2001

The cast:
Me (the 29 year old)
Donna (aka Molokai Gram, didn't ask age, from Hawaii)
Ohai (Donna's DH, didn't ask age either, from Hawaii)

We went to Mythos for lunch. I had heard some good things about the restaurant and I’ve always wanted to try it. I think Donna just wanted the Banana Gooey Cake, which JessicaR had raved about on the Universal board.

We arrived at around 12:30 and were seated immediately. The restaurant was half-full. The seat I was in was off-balance. One leg was shorter than the other. If I shifted my weight to one part of the chair, I could remain balanced. Maybe I should have asked for an old book to put under the short leg. We had a view by the window. We had a nice view of the outdoor seating and the water.

I like the décor of the restaurant. It looks like you are eating in a cave. I thought it would be dimly-lit, but it was pretty bright. Our server was Rey, who was from Puerto Rico (according to his badge). He was nice, but hard to hear. He read off the specials from his cheat sheet and all I heard was “yellow squash” as something in the wrap. None of us asked him to speak clearly. We were too nice and just smiled and nodded!

After looking through the menu, Donna had the pizza and I had the wrap. Yellow squash sounded pretty good! I forgot what Ohai had. After ordering, I went to the bathroom. The bathroom had a strange tile pattern. It had a checkerboard brown and tan pattern. When I first entered, I could not tell where the wall ended and the floor began! When I returned, I looked around the décor. Donna said one thing broke with the theming of the restaurant. She pointed and I saw a backroom with white tile and a wall clock like you would see in a high school. In fact, it looked like part of a high school cafeteria! I guess someone left the door open, but the designers may have left the door off. You build a $2 billion park and can’t afford a $50 door? What’s up with that?

Our food came in about 10 minutes. My wrap was pretty good. Donna ate her pizza and said it was like a cheese sandwich. She gave me a piece and it tasted like a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. The pizza was cooked differently too. Other pizza has the cheese melting off the pizza. This one looked like the cheese was grilled and a bit melted.

Now it was time for desert. Donna was afraid to ask Rey for the deserts. Donna asked our server for the deserts anyway. Rey said, “A-ho-ho-ho!” and gave us the desert list. We ordered two Banana Gooey Cakes. Donna and I ate them. Ohai didn’t want desert.

During our meal, Aphrodite from Mt. Olympus (according to her badge) asked us how our meal was. She also explained that Rey was on his last day of training. They were getting him ready for the big crowds next week. What amazed me is that Aphrodite estimated that the crowds today were 14,000 people. I couldn’t imagine that there were that many people in the park. I certainly didn’t meet every single person that came in, but still, 14,000 people is like 25% of my hometown’s population! Aphrodite asked us for desert, but Rey had already ordered for us.

Our desert came up. It looked rather lovely. It looked like a big flower. The four fried and sugared banana peels were like pedals. A lump of peanut butter ice cream was atop the round piece of cake. It was so good, even better than the main meal! I could have had another if Donna hadn’t given me the other half of her pizza!

We paid for our bill. It came out to around $50. Donna gave a $100 traveler’s check. She got back around $10 in change and the check was different! We had to flag down Aphrodite and we got the correct check and change.

We exited the restaurant and walked around the path by the water. We saw a family eating on the outside seating area. They had hung their kids’ clothes on a wall to let them dry out. Now that’s a good idea! By the time they are finished with lunch, their clothes would be dry. The kids were wearing their dry sets of clothes, so no, they were not running around in their underoos!

Donna said that the last time she saw Poseidon’s Fury, she was in the back and did not see the show in the last room. We headed to Poseidon’s Fury to watch the show. We used front of the line access and had to wait about five minutes for the next show. We entered and tried to jockey for the front row in the last room. As we entered the last room, we got split up. Presumably, Donna and Ohai found their front row. I found an empty single spot and stood there. When the room got dark, I felt someone tap me on the arm. I tried to find who tapped me when the lights came on, but no one stepped forward. I met up with Donna and Ohai at the show exit.

It was getting close to the 3:00 webcam meet, so we exited the park and headed to the globe. We stood and waited for about five minutes. Then we saw a family come towards us. It was Megsmom, her DH, and her DD (I guess her name was Meg). We chatted for a few minutes and we spoke fondly of front of the line access for onsite guests. They had somewhere else to go, so they left after giving a group wave to the webcam. I was hoping for another Men in Black shoot-off, but I didn’t want to get in the way of their plans.

It was time for Ohai’s nap, so Donna and Ohai headed back to their rooms. They wanted to get an early dinner at Finnegan’s at 5:30, so I decided to meet them in front of the restaurant at 6:00.

While they went back to their room, I headed over to Universal Studios to go crazy with front of the line access.


Barry Hom
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What a gorgeous place to eat. The decor is terrific. I told Barry I thought it would be the perfect place for a wedding reception (hint hint Barry).
Our server had such a thick accent, none of us could understand a word he said. We didn't want to hurt his feelings and so we ate whatever. I kid you not, we were politically correct to a point of starvation! :rolleyes:

Other food may be good at Mythos, but the pizza I had was the absolute pits. ICK. It was a dried out ham and cheese sandwich. I was so disappointed. I had really looked forward to eating here. I gladly followed Marie Antoinette's suggestion...the the Warm Chocolate Banana Gooey Cake was spectacular in looks and taste. :D

As Barry said, I almost got short changed (and someone else almost made out! ) This major error is why I do not think Rey was such a terrific server, that and not being able to understand him. Gosh, I sound grumpy. :mad: But it was really a bad pizza and to give my check and change to someone else...I think Rey needed more training. Thank goodness I hadn't used my charge card. :eek:

I am not sure who was tapping on Barry, but we didn't see him until the end of Poseidon's. We did not get the front, but they now have steps to stand on so when you are in the back you are somewhat elevated and can see better.

I hadn't realized until I read Barry's reports how dull Ohai and I sound - what with us going for naps every afternoon. But remember this was an anniversary trip... ;)

Hmm, I'm surprised your pizza was so bad. That's all I ever eat there!

Also, if you ever go back, ask for Nemesis. I met her before the park opened and she's a really good server and has a great personality.
I kind of liked the pizza too. The wrap was pretty awesome though! :)


Barry Hom
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

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