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Discussion in 'Just Say Thanks' started by Beanie, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Beanie

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    May 15, 2000
    While at Dis Con in December, we were at Magic Kingdom one afternoon and DH had mistakenly put the camera down on a condiments bar to put Ketchup on a hot dog...well, he walked away and about 5 minutes later we realized that the camera was gone! This camera is very expensive, but what we really were upset about was the memory card with all our Dis Con pictures we had taken that day! DH and I asked a few CM's if they had seen it (the vendors we bought food from) but no one had seen it...There was a CM empting the trash who overheard us and told us he would go through that garbage to see if it had fallen in...I didn't think it did as we were far from the trash can, but at that point, I was hopeful...Anyway, the CM came back from "Behind the scenes" and said it wasn't there, but to check City Hall because maybe someone had turned it in...I was crushed as I knew it wouldn't be there! As we ventured over to City Hall, DH was way ahead of us and got there before us and low and behold he walked out holding our precious memories! I couldn't believe it! He said a guest had seen the camera sitting near the condiments bar on his way out and turned it into City Hall! The guest didn't leave his name or anything and I wish he/she had so we could thank them...I was so incredibly happy to have my camera back and very lucky that it was turned in! So, thank you very much, whomever you are...You are a wonderful person!

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    May 10, 2002
    It's always grand to see us normal people act in a way that we wish everyone would.... so glad you got your memories back! Those are the things we cannot replace and miss the most.

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