Mandymouse's Fantastic Fantasy Cruise .. and then another one (Complete)


Bahama Mama Time !!
Mar 8, 2003

We watched as the ship pulled away from Castaway Cay, and started the sad task of packing

Tonight we had a reservation at Palo for dinner again. We got ready and once checked in at the Palo desk we had a drink at the Meridian Lounge, I had a Rosa Regale and Paul had a Cosmopolitan made by Christina who had hosted the Martini tasting the day before

Dinner was once again lovely. Olivera was our server and she brought out the antipasti and breads, then for our starters I had a smaller version of their risotto main and Paul had the smaller version of their ravioli

For our mains I had the chicken and Paul had the sea bass

For dessert I had Tiramisu (of course) and Paul had his usual Panna cotta, and Olivera also brought out some gelato

As ever it was a fantastic meal, and it was nice to have a quick chat with Juan who runs Palo (and who we have met on some of the other ships)

After our lovely dinner we popped down to the Enchanted Garden to give our dining team their tips and to say goodbye to everyone

We then got changed and headed up to Deck 13 for one final drink at the Cove Bar with Jerry and some of the friends we had made during the week, then had one last wander around the top deck before heading to bed :(

Tomorrow ~ Port Canaveral and going home



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Apr 25, 2006
And part 2 appeared before my eyes.

Lovely relaxing day. I wonder when i'll have one of them again?
  • ukintheus

    DIS Veteran
    Aug 3, 2009 sad your trip report is coming to an end :sad2: but very glad to hear that your day on CC was not bothered by the weather. With the KSF deal on our ship, and it being smaller, Serenity Bay was really nice and quiet. :thumbsup2 We thought the water was chilly - we didn't get much closer to it than you did. :rotfl: Great pics again....the Stingrays looked yummy. :goodvibes

    Clare D

    Minnie Mania
    Mar 7, 2005
    Great TR Mandy. A back to back looks like a fantastic way to cruise.
    Thank you for sharing all of your lovely pics too :thumbsup2 especially of the all of your delicious beverages and the yummy food in Palo


    Was told off for sliding down the bannister at SL
    Jul 15, 2004
    Another great day, shame your cruise and report is coming to an end. I have enjoyed it:goodvibes
  • mandymouse

    Bahama Mama Time !!
    Mar 8, 2003
    Saturday 4th May

    I had a terrible nights sleep, I must've seen every hour in, and I finally got up just before 6am. We had decided to do 'Express Debarkation' which meant from 7am for a short time we could take our own luggage off the ship and leave a little early

    There was quite a crowd doing this service and at 7am we were allowed to disembark

    We made our way to the rental car shuttles, and after a 20 minute wait a mini bus arrived and took us to the Enterprise Rental company. By 7.45am we were on our way back to Orlando, and an hour later we pulled into the Virgin check-in desk at DownTown Disney. We were surprised to see that there wasn't a line, and 15 minutes later all luggage had been weighed, taken away and we were walking away with our boarding cards

    The weather this morning had been very cloudy, and as we neared Disney it had been drizzling on and off. This didn't put us off, so we headed to Epcot. We paid the $14 for the car park, bought our one day pass and went straight to Test Track to get a Fastpass

    The line was only 10 minutes long, so we joined it. I was so looking forward to trying this out as this was our first time since it's refurbishment, but I was so disappointed, in fact we didn't even bother using our FP's (bring back Bill McKim and Sherry !! :rotfl2:). Next we rode Mission:Space, but only the less intense side as we'd both woken up not feeling too well

    We went over to The Land and got FP's for Soarin', then had a little breakfast of fruit cups and we shared a cheesecake

    We wandered over to World Showcase, stopping off to take photos of the Flower & Garden topiaries along the way, we took shelter from a shower in Italy under an umbrella and decided to have a Rosa Regale and Moretti while we were there

    We continued round World Showcase, then went back to Soarin' to use our FP. We then went back to the UK pavilion to get some fish and chips

    Cont'd ...


    Bahama Mama Time !!
    Mar 8, 2003

    We did one last bit of shopping at MouseGear, then left WDW after a very brief stop at World of Disney (Paul was after a Star Wars phone case but he couldn't find the Jedi Mickey one anywhere)

    At 3.30 we headed for the airport, we had a quick look in both the Disney shops there and luckily the phone case Paul was after was in the last shop before security

    We decided to go through security early as there was a huge line and in no time we were sitting at gate 81 chatting to our girls on-line

    Boarding began around 6 and .............. that's where my notes finish :(

    I know the flight went well, and there wasn't much turbulence (thank goodness), we ate onboard, though I've no idea what we had :rotfl2: and we landed on time


    Well what can I say ? doing a back to back cruise on the Fantasy was A-MAZ-ING !!, and we would definitely do it again, though whether we'll do it next year I'm not sure as we did miss WDW and those couple of days there at the beginning were just too manic as we tried to fit so much in

    So the saving has started, and roll on next April, May or June :dance3:

    :hug: Thanks for reading along and for leaving your lovely comments too

  • jjk

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    May 24, 2004
    Really enjoyed your report Mandy, one day I hope to try a cruise for myself (Pete is proving to be very hard to convince but I wont give up) thanks for sharing :goodvibes


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    Aug 3, 2009
    Loved the TR Mandy, another good one in the books but sad that it's over.:sad2: Why can't holidays/vacations last forever? :confused3 LOL

    How nice that Paul found the phone case he was looking for right at the end. As you know, we weren't impressed with the newer version of Test Track either. :rolleyes1 That last day sounds a bit hectic, but maybe it wasn't as busy as it sounded, long day though with you not having slept well. Such a letdown to come off 2 weeks on the ship and have to fly home the same day. Talk about back to reality! :rotfl:


    <<This space intentionally blank>>
    Jul 13, 2005
    Thanks for a great trippy Mandy, I quite fancy B2B cruises too, Mandy, but I am also concerned that we will miss WDW too much. In fact, I am really looking forward to our trip next October as we will only be doing Orlando and it will be really nice spending 14 days just doing the parks as it's been ages since we had a full fortnight in Orlando.

    Good luck with saving for the next one :goodvibes


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