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    Sep 23, 2006
    Hello, I'm Acesurfercarter and haven't been on neither vmk nor DIS in a Very very long time due to loss of interest. I'm terribly sorry to hear about VMK having its final days, but I was thinking about a little more... and I remember being absolutely addicted to vmk, just because it let my imagination loose. I'm sure nobody else would care, but I just want to say that I think all of the people, including myself, who have won awards (the big ones like best guest room or best game room) should send in a note or something to the VMK people to ask for some kind of certificate that says you got that award. I mean, I know it's no big deal, but I think it would just be really nice to have some from vmk put on the wall, and hey, could use it on you resume' saying "winner of best game room in VMK" or something like that, because I think it would be cool. My biggest dream is to become an Imagineers and dream and design attractions for all to enjoy, and I really feel that it might help a little bit if I say "Hello Mr. Tony Baxter, I would very much like to be an Imagineer with you and the others, and I would like to let you know that I won best game room in that one old internet game called Virtual Magic Kindom" (I probably wouldn't, but you never know...).

    I'm sure none of you know exactly what I'm talking about, but here's it in simple words: A piece of paper that has your name on it, your award, and a signature by someone at the VMK HQ.
    That's all I ask. I know it sounds weird, but even though I don't play VMK anymore, I would feel pretty good if I had something to remember.
    What do you think? Questions? Comments?

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