Making a "to do" list, what to verify before our trip??


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Hi there! This is our first trip to WDW as a family, and many years since my last trip! I am wondering if all of you can help me with my "to do" list of things I need to do before we leave. For example, I know I need to call and verify the limo company who is taking us from home to the airport. Also will verify with TTC before we leave home. My questions are: What else do I need to verify? I am assuming that I will have my plane tickets 2 weeks before our trip, according to what my TA has told us. We booked through a TA, and she booked us through Walt Disney Travel Company. Our paperwork from the TA says "Your travel documents will arrive to our office approximately 14 days prior to your departure". Will I need to verify our flight? Will I need to call our resort (CBR) and verify with them personally before we leave? We have MANY PS's, do I need to call 407-WDW-DINE and verify all of them? I really don't want anything to go wrong while we're there, so I want to avoid any potential problems before we leave home. Any advice from all of you seasoned WDW travelers?? thanks!! :)


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we leave tomorrow for our honeymoon trip to Disney..staying at DxL (oops- Port Orleans Riverside!-lol)..we also booked through a travel agent..and she had verified everything for us..but I felt better doing it again myself yesterday..I had faxed in my room request on Sunday..(the CM at hotel told me that they don't get the ressie confirmations from CRO until 4 days before your arrival)..and when I called was just to double check that my ressie and my request had been received..she said they had been..and told me what building we would be staying in..(whoo hoo..just what we asked for..Alligator Bayou..building 18..corner room with a king bed and a water view..I am so psyched!!)..I asked her if it was necessary to reconfirm my PS arrangements and she said no, as long as you have your confirmation #'s with you..that they would call for me from the hotel and double check when we got there if that was what we wanted..
Hope this helps you somewhat..oh and I was told by travel agent just to check with airport up to 24 hours ahead to check on the flight..which I just did..

24 hours to go till Disney!! :D
I also say it doesnt hurt to go ahead and reverify everything for yourself... Just to make sure.. Ta are human too and they might have forgotten to do something..It will give you peace of mind..

We also went thru Ta last year and it was our first time and we had never even used a ta for a trip before so did not know what to expect... I felt like we were kinda left out in the dark and things were not explained... What our ta did with our airline tickets and actually all tickets was about 2-3 weeks before we departed they called us to come pick up everything when it arrived to them.. When we got there everything was in a little packet.. The airline tickets, park tickets, hotel info, shuttle transfer vouchers, etc.. Disney also thru in a really cute disney photo album.. It was nice that everything was there... I did all of my ps on my own because when I asked them that we wanted ps for cindys breakfast they said that they make all ps 30 days before the date you want and I knew from posts on this board that you have to get cindys ps exactly 60 days to the date.. I went ahead and did all my ps just so I would not have to worry about it...

Have a great trip!


When you check-in at your resort you can ask them to print out a list of all your priority seating arrangements for the length of your vacation. Check it over & if there are any problems have them fixed right there & then. It also nice to have all the info on 1 piece of paper & in black & white( at least I always feel more comfortable with things in writing)


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