Magical Beginnings????

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Tine, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Tine

    Tine Earning My Ears

    Feb 16, 2003
    OK ..yes, I'm new @ this DVC thing, & getting ready to buy, but ...what is Magical Beginnings? How does it affect me? Do I need it??? Etc...etc...
  2. Cruelladeville

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    Jan 13, 2001

    Have we got a surprise for you!:p Magical Beginnings is MONEY. Essentially, it is an incentive to buy. Say you are planning to buy (from Disney) 150 points. They will take 150 X $10=$1500 off the price of your contract by giving you that toward your downpayment, in exchange for your giving back to Disney your points for this use year. If you are buying an August use year, you will be giving up the use of your points from now until Aug. 1, when you get your next 150 points, in exchange for $1500 down on your contract. When you buy your contract it helps to get a contract with an earlier use year if you are planning on taking a summer trip, so keep that in mind. You can always wait if they are offering a contract that doesn't work well for you, since what they offer can change from day to day. Magical Beginnings is only good for a ceertain period of time, though, so do keep that in mind.

    By the way, a use year is the period of time that you can use your points. For example, a February use year means that I got my 2003 points on Feb 1, 2003, and I have until Jan.31, 2004 to either use them or bank them into the next year, which starts on Feb. 1, 2004.:Pinkbounc

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