Lots of questions? When should we go and whats the weather like?Value resorts instead

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by disneyofcourse, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. disneyofcourse

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    Oct 2, 2006
    I have soooo many questions lol!

    Ok, We usually only go to disney/Or florida during the month of may because of the flower festival and the great weather! What other months have similar weather to may in florida? I was going to go this spring but couldn't get all the days off I needed. But, We still would like to go to disney this year. Hopefully someone knows when a good time to go is. Does disney always have lots of flowers in bloom? I loved the gardens during the past few years at epcot! So much great color! I'd like to go during a slower time so the lines at the rides arn't long. But I also want to go when they have most of the things open... Such as Carousel of Progress ,Liberty Square Riverboat, Jungle Cruise ,Pirates of the Caribbean .

    We would also like to go during either value or reg. Season.

    We have also only stayed at riverside everytime and we might want to try something new. What are the other moderates and value resorts like? Do you still get the great landscape and water views? I'm guessing you get the same choice of food from the snack lines/counter service. Or not?
  2. geokeim

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    Mar 13, 2008
    As a Florida resident for 20 yrs, I enjoy mid to late October, just as the weather begins to break from a long hot & humid summer. Last year it was warmer until late October, but normally it's early October.
    Anytime between then and Dec. 15th are less crowds and mostly agreeable weather. (of course you can always get a cold snap if you wait past mid November) IMO though its quite pleasant, even as it gets a little cooler.

    The landscaping at WDW always seems to be in top form. They seem to make that a priority any time of year.

    As far a resorts, we have tried them all, with the exception of just a few. (YC, PO)
    My favorite on site resorts are as follows: AKL (if I were going JUST for the lodge, it would be here) WL (atmosphere here again is key) Cont. ,Poly & GF.
    My favorite off site resort would be the Dolphin or Swan (while not a Disney owned resort any longer) it offers extra magic hrs and transportation to the parks. (very convenient to Epcot & MGM)
    You would need to make your dining arrangements and ticket purchases separately, not part of a package, but IMO well worth it.
    Recently I have found it much more reasonable to stay here than on site because of the great rates. (ask for a AAA or entertainment book rate when you call) It's like staying at a Deluxe for the price of a moderate!
    If you stay at a WDW property, rates are less Sun-thurs. (as you probably know)
    I hope that you enjoy your stay no matter what you choose!

    P.S. The C'mas decorations are usually up by early to mid November, which is great to see it you haven't done so. (GF is a can't miss):santa:
  3. nytimez

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    Apr 15, 2008
    I love Animal Kingdom, but it's beyond the value/moderate category. When I want to stay in that category, I don't even think twice about it - I stay at Pop Century, I think it's the best pure value in terms of lodging on the property. I used to stay at moderates from time to time, but after Pop opened... I just don't think they're worth the extra money.
  4. Taja

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    Sep 3, 2003
    I love visitng WDW in early to mid December. The weather can be variable, but it's usually very comfortable to gorgeous at least half of my visit, frequently most of my visit (usually 10 nights). It can be wicked cold, though, if the jet stream dips down far enough south! BRRRR!

    The only moderate I've stayed at is CSR. It's a beautifully landscaped resort--absolutely gorgeous at night when it's lighted! There are four bus stops for the resort--it's a bit spread out, but not too bad. I was walking at a slow crawl (recovering from foot & leg injury) in 2004 and it took me about 10 minutes from Casitas B section to the main building.

    The only value resort I've stayed at is Pop Century. It's basic, clean and fun! No hot tub or pool slides, and the landscaping is more limited--not as lush. It does have Hour Glass Lake, and you can walk along it on the Classic Years side (Early Years development was shut down in 2001 or 2002). No watercraft rentals available. I don't believe the All Star resorts have lakes.

    The basic food court meals are very similar--burgers, chicken strips or nuggets, hot dogs, etc., but I think each of the value resorts has a few different dishes. Pepper Market at CSR is quite different from the other food courts, although the basics are the same.

    No table service at the value resorts.

    Edited to add:

    Early to mid-December is value season at WDW--at least this year! Who knows in the future. Value season seems to be shrinkin every year.

    This year value season begins November 30th (Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, if I remember correctly).
  5. joanng

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    Mar 4, 2008
    You should try Sept - free dining till 9/20- we are staying at POR but value that I would recommend is All star sports, we stayed ther twice. Love the theme and food court is great. As long as you book b/4 6/22 can take advantage of free dining.:cool1:

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